High School Football practice will start for some in less than 12 hours and for all as Saturday hits

The first official day for high school football practice is Saturday and for some teams, that first day/night/early morning is less than 12 hours away……July 30 is Day One and 12 midnight is July 30 and the Page Pirates will get it going with their Midnight Madness practice and others will follow suit…..

Many teams will hit the field, on the first official day Saturday morning and they may want to get it done early, since the heat will be bearing down by mid-day……..High Point Central has set 9am for their start-up and do you know of others, that will be cranking it up on Saturday morning, or some might be getting ready to go on Saturday afternoon….

Midnight might be the coolest part of the day, but if you know of other teams start times, please let us know here at the site…..We might be able to get WFMY NEWS 2 Sports to come check out your practice and then you could end up on TV…..Nobody has anything to hide this early, since all you can do that first week is pretty much conditioning, but what about those start times and do you want a shot to be on TV????

NEWS 2 is looking for you and we can let them know what time you will go on Saturday…….Hit the comment box and then hit the field…..The biggest Saturday in the Summer of 2011 is almost here……

Practice makes perfect? No a perfect practice makes perfect……


  1. Tom, NWG can play this year (and their fans don’t mind telling everyone). They will be strong. They were pretty good last year. Good QB, good skill positions and enough returning players.

  2. Dudley Panthers – 8:00 AM
    Did the midnight madness last year , ready for some morning madness

  3. Big Northern fan they going to get that 2-peat!!!! NWG QB is short and not very talented and is not D-1! They have no o-line to protect his back! Good luck! Im Done…

  4. SW WILL BE OUT AT 830-11
    Come check out the cowboys as they prepare to make history

  5. yeah Brandon Banks! hes sooo special!…..Go SW make history! and Go page! 10-0 baby

  6. Yeah ball state…but aren’t u just in the stands banks will go to a well known d1

  7. Banks is no where on D.J.s level its really sad how you compare both them. most all of D-1 scholarships are out!

  8. Why all the negativity. This website does a good job of promoting local sports and giving coverage to local talent. It’s great to support your team, but running down other players is childish, ridiculous and shows your own maturity level. I understand rivalries, but this isn’t the Place for “wolfing” and making stupid claims about individuals

  9. When is the scrimmage? SWG and Grimsley…..We will let that settle it for now and let the action on the field show us who is the better team/better man…..

  10. Thanks Northern, we will let our 6′ 2″ QB know that he is short, overrated, and not a D-1 QB. Make sure you read the Saturday sports page through out the football season and keep an eye on friday night football sports coverage for highlights of the short no talent Vikings. LOL

  11. Grimsley and southwest will scrimage on the 13th @ rockinham…
    and Brandon Banks will prove what hes about…..

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