The high school football practices get started today

Practices under way this morning(Saturday):
Northern Guilford 8am
Dudley 8am
Southwest Guilford 8:30am
Northwest Guilford 9am
High Point Central 9am

Page got it going at midnight, with their Midnight Madness Practice and I drove over that way last night, at around 11:40pm and the practice field was all lit up and ready and there were already a few fans out there, anticipating the first loud whistle and the players running down the hiil to the field, to get the first official practice off and rolling at full speed…..I got to check out the lights and the surroundings, but after a late night of baseball, I was on my way in for the night, but we should be getting an update or two, on how things went for the Pirates and WFMY NEWS 2 photographer Brian Hall said he was going try and get over that way, after the 11pm NEWS 2 newscast/sportscast……Joe Barile, longtime Page Pirate follower, also told us yesterday that he planned on being at the first practice and that he was going to try and stay with it for the duration, that could of ended up being 2 1/2-3 hours in length, followed by an early morning breakfast for the team, provided by the Page Football Boosters…Joe does a real good job of getting us the inside on the Pirates and we hope he can send us something along, on what all went down last night/early this morning…..Page can’t be back out there until Monday morning, since they have completed their first day Saturday workouts and for the first five days of official practice, you are only allowed one practice session per day, as mandated by the NCHSAA…..

Good luck to all the teams in the early workouts and if you have info on when your team is working out/practicing, please send it our way……


  1. By the time I parked my car in Page’s parking lot, I could hear those young men shouting chants so loud, I’m sure the windows rattled!! They were AMP’d up and ready to go by 12. By 2:30a.m, they looked like they could sleep for a week!

  2. Page looked good last night. After all the warms up, they separated and ran drills. I got a chance to get a good look at Jordan Putnam last night. He steps in when James is playing WR and let me tell you, he’s got finesse. Another one that touched the ball a lot (to my delight) was Devanta Hooker. Drew looked looked like he was “in the zone”. James is on a whole ‘nother hemisphere! Workinger….WORKED!!!!!! Orlando and Blake bought their A game! Debo “put in work!” Even Savon Wall was in the building (well, on the field!).

    Page has loads of offensive talent and they were out there to prove something this morning. I liked Coach G’s comment..”NObody in NORTH CAROLINA’S gonna get a jump on us!”
    Let’s go Pirates!!!

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