At least two very big high school football scrimmages coming up next week and just about everyone is involved one way or another

NewBridge Bank Jamborees at West Davidson, Mount Tabor and Rockingham County High Schools…..

Friday, August 12th
Gates open at 5:00 p.m.
Scrimmages begin at 6:00 p.m.

West Davidson High School
Lexington, NC

Varsity (Glosson Stadium – West Davidson)

6:00 South Davidson vs. Central Davidson East Davidson vs. West Stokes
7:00 West Davidson vs. Ragsdale South Davidson vs. West Stokes
8:00 North Davidson vs. Ragsdale East Davidson vs. East Forsyth
9:00 West Davidson vs. North Davidson Central Davidson vs. East Forsyth

Junior Varsity (Tyro Middle School)

6:00 West Davidson vs. Ragsdale East Forsyth vs. North Davidson
7:00 East Davidson vs. East Forsyth North Davidson vs. Central Davidson
8:00 South Davidson vs. Central Davidson West Stokes vs. West Davidson
9:00 Ragsdale vs. West Stokes East Davidson vs. South Davidson

Forsyth presented by Champion
Mount Tabor High School
Winston-Salem, NC


6:00 Glenn vs. Ledford Reagan vs. Southern Guilford
7:00 Lexington vs. Mount Tabor Grimsley vs. Carver
8:00 Ledford vs. Reagan Southern Guilford vs. Glenn
9:00 Carver vs. Lexington Mount Tabor vs. Grimsley

Junior Varsity

6:00 Mount Tabor vs. Lexington Carver vs. Grimsley
7:00 Ledford vs. Glenn Southern Guilford vs. Reagan
8:00 Lexington vs. Carver Grimsley vs. Mount Tabor
9:00 Reagan vs. Ledford Glenn vs. Southern Guilford

Rockingham County High School
Reidsville, NC


6:00 Morehead vs. Southwest Guilford Reidsville vs. Northeast Guilford
7:00 Rockingham vs. Northwest Guilford McMichael vs. Southwest Guilford
8:00 Morehead vs. Western Guilford Reidsville vs. Northwest Guilford
Rockingham vs. Western Guilford McMichael vs. Northeast Guilford

Junior Varsity

6:10 Rockingham vs. Northwest Guilford McMichael vs. Western Guilford
7:10 Morehead vs. Western Guilford Reidsville vs. Northeast Guilford
8:10 Rockingham vs. Southwest Guilford McMichael vs. Northeast Guilford
9:10 Morehead vs. Southwest Guilford Reidsville vs. Northwest Guilford

Coming Saturday August 13:



Note: All special teams play is non-contact, including (kick-offs, K.O. returns, Punts, Punt returns, PAT/Field Goal)

GAME 1 6:00 PM

GAME 2 7:00 PM

GAME 3 8:00 PM


  1. No Grimsley-SWG matchup……Grimsley at Mount Tabor and SWG at Rockingham County……

    SEG will be down at Pittsboro as they have been the past 5 years and Page has a big trip planned as they head down toward Charlotte for Crest, Independence and others….

    Looks like we won’t see the Reader-Banks battle that everyone has been talking about during the NewBridge Bank Jams this year……We should have a crew at all of these with Dennis White when he gets back from Canton and Greg Johnson back on the scene after his work at Mr. Hoover’s place down in Alabama………

    We see scrimmages for Smith, Grimsley, Page, HP Central, HP Andrews, Ragsdale, SWG, NWG, NEG, WG, SG, and SEG, with the only teams we don’t see fo far in Dudley, Northern Guilford and Eastern Guilford……Dudley usually goes down to Burlington for the Williams, Cummings, and Eastern Alamance get-together and I’m not sure on Eastern and Northern…………

    That is a pretty good breakdown for you and we seem to have a pretty good grip on the way all of this is going…….

  2. Southern Guilford is ready to rumble. They are the team that will reach out and shock all of you this year. You will be surprised but Jamie Cunningham will be the top player in Guilford County this year. He topped all of the rest of your totals last year with 2500 yards and 28 tds. He will come close to doubling that this year and that will get him noticed. The Secret Storm will take you by surprise but you have been warned. Nobody will top Cunningham he is on to the Shrine Bowl and EAST-WEST. Guilford County true champion is the Southern Guilford Storm.

  3. Monday night update:

    High School Football Scrimmage

    Southwest Guilford at Grimsley next Wednesday morning(August 10) at 10am……..The Cowboys and Whirlies will get together after all……

  4. The scrimmage down in Charlotte that Page is going to is LOADED with top notch competition.

    Crest is a 3A state title favorite
    Sun Valley will be a contender in 4A.
    Page is going to contend for a state title in 4AA(possibly 4A) this year
    Davie were 4A runners-up last year
    Independence, everyone knows who they are.
    Northwestern, SC are the SC 2010 4A II State Champions and have won their conference 4 years straight.

  5. Isn’t Page also set to scrimmage a Guilford County team and that will be in this area, maybe Eastern Guilford…..That would be good for both teams as EG would face some top level competition and Page could try some things that they did in the 7 on 7’s and do against full contact…..Northern beat Crest last year in the 3-AA Title Game so that will be a good test for Crest and for Page since Page will see NG in week two and the Pirates will be seeing Davie County in Week One…..Independence is what they used to be as Langston Wertz Jr. said at the Charlotte site the other day, but the Patriots are on the way back and it’s a shame Mallard Creek couldn’t be there…..This will be a good test for Page and it good to see one of our local teams get the chance to play in a event outside our community…….The NewBridge Bank Jamboree is a very good one too and does a lot for our community…..

  6. @ Reverberate – I see you used my little write up on each team. It’s cool though, thanks for spreading the word. btw, which site did you get it from? I posted it on carolinapreps, ncpreps, and carolinavarsity? =P

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