Duke concerned about current NCCA recruiting violations:They will watch this one closely and try to get it cleared up quickly

This has become a major area of concern for the Duke basketball program, as they look very closely at what may be violations of the NCAA recruiting rules…..The allegations effect the men’s basketball program and Coach K may on his way, to bringing sanctions from the NCAA, to the campus in Durham……We will keep an eye on this one, as Duke tries to clear all of this up quickly……

from Tim Hall at WRALSportsFan.com:

It appears Coach K might have slipped up last week when he reportedly offered Clarksville, Tenn. recruit Alex Poythress a scholarship.

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  1. And in other news….the UNC honor court was broken into over the weekend. How convenient. I’m thinking inside job here.

  2. UNC and their foolishness makes it Christmas every day. They truely are the gift that keeps on giving.

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