Who will be the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback for the first game of the regular season?

Carolina Panthers first game of the regular season comes up on 9/11….That’s September 11 versus the Arizona Cardinals, on the road at Arizona……A bunch of non-division games early on this season with Green Bay, Jacksonville, Tennessee and yes, back to that regular season opener with Arizona…..

Who will be the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback for the first game of the regular season at Arizona????

A)Jimmy Clausen
B)Cam Newton
C)Derek Anderson
D)Armanti Edwards


  1. Whomever starts (I think Clausen) will be replaced by game 3 by A or C then in Game 10 by B

  2. Start Newton when he is ready. Give him some PT here and there. Throwing him to the wolves too soon could ruin his chances.

    He is the face of the franchise but he needs to be ready to play and he needs to win the job legitimately.

  3. You start Jimmy Clausen since he is the scapetgoat. He is in there for a couple of games and then they give him the boot and Anderson starts and he looks like Matt Moore or Vinny Testeverde and the Panthers tell Newton this is how you don’t do it and then by game five Newton is your starter. The Panthers should start Newton at linebacker or defensive end until he is ready to take over as QB. Why did the Carolina Panthers trade or get rid of Matt Moore? He knew the Panther players and he at least knew the old system. They should have kept Moore. He could have been doing the same thing this bum Derek Anderson is going to be doing. Eventually holding a clipboard and holding Cam Newton’s hand until then.

  4. Big Jay are you serious? Start Cam at D’end or Linebacker?C’mon bud, This isn’t high school . Cam was the Panthers’ investment, they took him #1 for ONE reason..TO LEAD THE TEAM! Jimmy sucked it up last year, Derek Anderson has been thrown around from team to team , and Edwards was a wonderful college quarterback for ASU (not really NFL material). Let Cam do his thing from the get go to retain his confidence he had last year with his HISTORIC Heisman run. GOD BLESS

  5. Start Clausen and actually give him a chance! I don’t consider throwing a ROOKIE onto a HORRIBLE team riddled with injuries for a few games giving him a chance! And then just like jay said, everyone makes him the scapegoat! Whatever happened to a little patience when dealing with quarterbacks?

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