Practices continue in the heat this week at the area high schools

Grimsley had their first practice of the season last night and they ran practice on the lower field, down behind Kiser Middle School…..Lots of trees and some decent shade when the sun goes down and with Grimsley going first day of practice on Monday, they used Saturday for orientation and to do the paperwork….DJ Reader, Charlie Jones, Jake Simpson, Kevin Walton and Landis Shoffner among the big names in early camp and Grimsley’s #’s are up by 10 this year, when compared to the start of practice last year……Practice time looked to go from around 6-8:30pm and the players arrived and started weight work at around 3pm…..

Practices under way this week:
Southern Guilford going in the morning….
Northern Guilford was morning first day, now in the afternoon…..
High Point Central was in the morning on Day One and now in the evening, going from 6-dark…..
Dudley was doing the mornings, but you have to think that now the Panthers are in the afternoon and we hope to go over and find out today……
Southwest Guilford have been hearing mornings for this week and we will find out more….
Northwest Guilford usually go mornings in the beginning and then switch out to the afternoons…..
Page almost always does mornings until school gets under way….
Northeast Guilford is a morning practice team….
Eastern Guilford in the past has been an afternoon practice team…..
Western Guilford has gone the morning route in previous years……
Ragsdale has been an afternoon practice team in recent years….
Southeast Guilford has always gone in the mornings, to start the season…..
Smith has always been a morning practice team, but they may be doing the weight training in the morning workouts and then staying around during the day and hitting the practice field for the once-a-day workout at around 6pm…..
High Point Andrews is the one team we don’t have a clue about…..


  1. I found this to be pretty odd over there at Grimsley.

    They won’t be able to make contact until next Monday instead of on Friday like everyone else. Also, this means that they won’t be able to scrimmage until a day later as well. Which is day 9 for them, 10 for everybody else.

    Grimsley is the type of team this year, where I think they need just as much time as everyone else. They can’t afford to be a day behind.

  2. There won’t be any winter caps for the teams this year, but many of the schools may want to invest in some ice caps to cool down with during the water break….

    Just for arguements sake, who is to say if I showed up Saturday and picked up my paperwork and walked into the gym to get it that I can’t count that as a practice…..Even so if I go Monday-Friday with the conditioning then I have my five days in for that and I start two a-days on Saturday and go Saturday, Monday, Tuesday that’s 11 total practices and I have my 10 in(actually 11) and I can srimmage on Wednesday…..

    Among the three of us on here talking so far we are just carrying on conversation and speculating…..When I was coming through this thing back in the day, you had to have 5 days of coditioning without the pads and then you went two a days with pads and you had to get in 10 total practices before you could scrimmage……If that is still the case then above scenario that I described would work….Back in the day we had five days of conditioning and then we went in pads for two a days for a week and had light practice for two times a day and we were practicing overall four times a day……Then we had the scrimmages……I’ve seen it the hard way and sometimes you see it the easy way….We hit the field at 5:30 and were off at 7pm…One hour and a half and you didn’t stop moving from the time you crossed that black line up at the top of the hill, till you came off the field and crossed that black line again…..We had a county fair of stations that had you doing drills, where you went from one station to another at the beginning of practice and it was non-stop drills…Never seen or been through anything like that again……You ran 100’s, 50’s. 40’s and 20’s at the end of conditioning practice and it hurt…..(I still do 25 40’s every Saturday afternoon and it still hurts and it hurts good later on and that is much better than doing a load of those other 40’s, but to each their own.)

    Bottom line is, most of us don’t what is going today, but the coaches do and if you are on here and you are a coach, you better get back out there and get to work with your team, this is not your spot in the thick of the season….

  3. First day practice numbers for High Point Andrews 75 players and that’s Varsity and JV combined….High Point Central had 65 combined, JV and Varsity and Southwest Guilford had 40-45 players alone, turn out for Varsity….

  4. At Dudley briefly today and it looked like 75-80 Panthers out there on Tuesday afternoon and the practice ended at 8pm on the nose…..

  5. Andy, It’s not done off of how many practices anymore, its done off of days. From the looks of it, Grimsley is a day late now.
    On the 3rd day you can wear your shoulder pads.
    On the 6th day you can start contact and wear full pads.. Which means, instead of Friday, Grimsley has to wait til Monday for full contact per the NCHSAA ruling, If this info on them starting late is true..

  6. The 6th day would be not be Monday, it would be this Saturday and if what you are saying is the deal, then if they can start full contact on the 6th day then they can start this Saturday……There is nothing out there that says you can’t practice on Saturday, no Sunday, but Saturday is fair game….I was there on Monday(yesterday) and all my info is on the money…..No big deal for the readers, all just talk among the fans, but the coaches have the handle and Grimsley will scrimmage SWG next Wednesday……We all have to remember the coaches run the show, we are all just along for the ride…..I have been there and lived to tell about it and I think I am going back for more…….Grimsley has there stuff together and I still want to see who is going to stop big DJ Reader, they had a tire pull last night and wow he pulled his man down the tield….That mug is strong…

  7. I’m pretty sure the coaches know what they are doing, but they are still a day short. Which is crucial this time of year.

  8. We need to get some games going, scrimmage or for real so we can have something real we can dive into…..I don’t thnk all this practice talk is going to whet our appetite completely…..We have the Page at Charlottte scrimmage, the SWG-Grimsley scrimmage set for next week and the NewBridge and Smith scrimmages coming and Northern is in one down around Charlotte too, along with Dudley at the Burlington scrimmage, Southeast at Pittsboro too, but who has the very first one???????

    When and where will the first scrimmage be….We’ve almost burned out the early practice talk, but from the looks of the Dudley crew at their practice tonight, they should be able to challenge Smith and Page…..You can’t tell it all from the practice looks, but if Dudley gets their quarterback spot real strong with Richard Hayes and Adrian Slade, they should be challengers….The new kid Albert McClain that came over from High Point Central should be a real tough kid on the line……

    We need a scrimmage so we can get a real read and once the pads go on, then the teams can at least beat up on each other some more in full contact………

    Keep the info coming from GBTruth, optibra, Tom, Joe, Bill and others and who has the first scrimmage and Mallard Creek ought to be the top ranked overall team in the State….That DJ Humphries kid is listed as the state’s best player and they plenty more top players to go with him……

  9. Good point on Joe’s end, but to play the Devil’s Advocate, they(Grimsley) have been practicing all summer like all the other teams and once you get to two a-days you’ll get enough done to make ti happen and if they go twice on Saturday and all the others just go once, then it will all even out……Some teams may even take this Saturday off, I’m not sure….Dennis White should know that, he is our Saturday man…..

    One of the N.C. A&T players told me yesterday that the coach had told them that they would start practice this week and then Coach told them he wanted them to take this week off and get their mind straight and that would start next week instead….Coach Broadway also reacted to the media when the Aggies were picked to finish 9 in the MEAC out of 11 teams and he said that he felt that his Aggies had been picked too high…..That got some of the players scratching their heads…..

    Lots of football talk going around…..

    There were some people from Southern saying yesterday that they were going to be the surprise team this year, and they might, but it might be Dudley, it might be Smith, or it might be Grimsley….It can’t be Northwest and it can’t be Page….They both are expected to go a long way……

    We have to get the fans hyped up and wanting to eat raw meat…..But the players are already hyped up, I would think and they are eating cooked meat…..

  10. Albert McClain did not come from High point Central…. He played at Dudley last season and is a rising sophmore.. He along with two other super talented sophomores will be starting on that tough Dudley defense. He and The other two, nazae fewell and Chris register might be the youngest on that defense but could very well be the most talented.. The register kid is going to be a super talent.. Right now he stands 6’4. About 205 pounds playing linebacker. And he still growing.. He still about 4 inches shorter then his father.. He has division 1 written all over him if he continues to work.
    The panthers are practicing in the afternoons preparing for a big time season.. They look good… If They stay injury free.. They will make alot of noise… FOOTBALL IS BACK PEOPLE!!! Thank goodness!!! GOOD LUCK to all the GCS teams this season… Can’t wait to here that contact on Friday nights

  11. Yes, Albert came to Dudley at the first of last season……He was #45 back when he played for Ferndale and he used to be a fullback, back in his day…..i am curious about the kid Darius Workman at Dudley….He also plays basketball and he is a real big kid…..He should make a real good lineman or a tight end….Rick Powell is another big kid that also plays baseball, but he is a football player too……Dudley should be big, but maybe not as stocky as usual and they should be set to to contend as they get the QB spot locked down…..

  12. Don’t matter what Dudley thinks they have……Smith still has your number this year!

  13. Oh yeah you cant miss Darius “big Red” workman when he hits the field standing at 6’6 285. as he continues to work and gets used to playing the tackle position the college coaches will be coming to visit. he has excellent feet for his size. basketball as really helped his footwork. the QB competition is a good one. Hayes and Slade have both gotten their experience on the varsity level. im interested to see Slade’s bounce back season after missing all of his junior season with a torn acl.

  14. ok eaglez…….. -__- atleast you guys finally have some confidence… im glad you guys do. one somewhat successful season in the past decade and now you guys cant be touched…..

  15. @ Witness….

    That’s right we did have a great season last year. We finally got a coach that would stay at Ben L Smith and work at building a program. Don’t be mad cause Smith shut Dudley out last year!

  16. oh trust no one is mad. it was actually good to finally have competition again in the rivalry. because truth be told that it hasnt been much of a rivalry since early 2000’s. everyone was just commenting on the upcoming season and just being excited about this season, but you had to be the one to come up here and start talking trash on a subject no one was talking about. lets just hope the eagles can live up to the expectations that the class of 2011 team put on this school. cant call it a program yet

  17. @ eaglez, good things don’t last forever (don’t be surprised if I told ya so), expecially with coaches. Smith needs to ATLEAST keep a coach for more then 5+ years and be over .500 to be considered a program.

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