Greensboro Green Team going back to Indiana

The Jackson Five used to sing about going back to Indiana and they were headed back to Gary, Indiana, where the family was from and the Greensboro Green Colt baseball team is going back to Indiana, but they are headed to Lafayette, the site of the Colt World Series…..

Gerald Witt with the News and Record profiles the team in today’s N&R and at the N&R on-line,…..

GREENSBORO — For the second straight year, a Greensboro youth baseball all-star team is going to the Colt League World Series in Lafayette, Ind.

Greensboro Green team members will load into rented vans and leave at 9 a.m. today. The players will pass time on the 12-hour ride by telling jokes, talking hardball or taking naps.

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Don’t forget you can listen to the Greensboro Green Team’s first game on Saturday at around 2pm at