Ernie “Action” Jackson was Mr. Do Everything for Duke and the Top Defensive Back in the ACC….

Duke’s Ernie Jackson was the Player of the Year for ACC Football back in 1971 and he was Mr. Do Everything for the Duke Blue Devils that year…..

Jackson was named the Top Defensive Back in ACC History and that’s not all he was doing for Duke back in 1971….

from the Caulton Tudor files at the News and Observer and the Charlotte Observer on-line:

Ernie Jackson was rushed into duty at quarterback after starter Dennis Satyshur went out and shouldered the rushing burden when star tailback Steve Jones had to be held out of action for stretches.

For the season, Jackson rushed 65 times for 360 yards (5.5 per carry) and scored five touchdowns.

On defense, he intercepted four passes for 84 yards in returns and two more TDs.

To read all CLICK HERE and you will find this to be a nice piece of ACC Football History from Mr. Tudor……

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