Southwest Guilford has the edge in scrimmage at Grimsley today

All things Grimsley football are down on the Kiser Middle School field these days and that is where it all got going this morning at 10am….The scrimmage finished up at 12 noon and the edge today would have to go to, the Southwest Guilford Cowboys…..

Whirlie defensive coach Pat Neal will have his defense working extra hard and maybe working into the 5th or 6th quarter on Thursday, since Grimsley has to get ready for Mount Tabor and WS Carver on Friday, at the NewBridge Bank Jamboree….

The best player on the field today was Brandon Banks from Southwest Guilford….Banks wore #85 and lined up at defensive end and linebacker and he was all over the field and spent plenty of time in the Grimsley backfield….Banks has been contacted by East Carolina, Elon, Ball State, Norfolk State, Old Dominion and UNC-Charlotte…..He stands 6’3 240 and he can play…..

Grimsley’s QB #10 Jake Simpson looked sharpe, but his receivers dropped too many passes….Grimsley probably gave up 5 TD’s that they could have had on dropped balls, in the end zone or at the goal line….Grimsley also struggled when their #2 quarterback was in the game and his problem was the fumbled snaps….The Whirlies have to get their timing down and it will have to start with the quarterback-center exchange…..

Grimsley was missing big DJ Reader today, as he will take the field today in the Colt World Series at Lafayette, Indiana….SWG was also missing a key player, as Braxton Daye was away on family business…..

Southwest Guilford is primarily a running team and they ran the ball effectively today against the Grimsley defense……The top back was Larry Edwards, a junior runningback who found the end zone on a couple of occasions today….RB Ray Bridges was also on the board, as was RB Jon Ervin….The SWG QB’s are small, but they are fast and quick….The Cowboys #1 QB, per coach Scott Schwarzer, is DeMario Smitih and his backup is Jason Caldwell….Both were able to score today and most all of the SWG Cowboy scoring came on the ground……

The SWG offensive line was led by Ryan Bristow and Kevin Stanfield…..SWG has at least 5-6 real big kids and they all played hard today and the Cowboys are going to need it every Friday night, in that very tough Piedmont Triad Conference, with the likes of NWG, Ragsdale, East Forsyth and High Point Central…..Former East Forsyth, Grimsley and Providence Grove coach Todd Shuping, is an assistant at Glenn in Kernersville now, and that should make Aldine Payne’s Bobcats a much better team…..

SWG has more names on defense to go along with Brandon Banks that we should mention, including NG big James Rogers, LB Aaron Fletcher, LB Jayquan Lewis and FS Herbert Bridges….

Coach Schwarzer said the Cowboys are an option team and that they will run the football…….

For Grimsley, Kevin Walton had one touchdown reception today, but he should have had more, if not for some of his dropped passes…..For Grimsley this was an evaluation day and judgement day is not here yet, but it will be next Friday August 19, when the Whirlies host the Ragsdale Tigers….

Grimsley is going to need a big play man this season, like they had in Travon Woods last year and Walton might be that man…..He and Jake Simpson seem to have a good chemistry between them and with that said, other Grimsley receivers are going to have to step up too…..The Grimsley running game was not outstanding today, but it did show some signs of life……

In closing out Round One today, you might say that Southwest Guilford is very steady running team, that needs to work on their passing and that Grimsley is a passing team that must learn to hold on to those Jake Simpson spirals and at the same time, Grimsley must develop a running game that hits the holes with authority……

Next up for both SWG and Grimsley are the NewBridge Bank Football Jamboree games on Friday afternoon/evening………..


  1. Is Southwest still running the option out of the double wing look (like Wofford) or are they running it out of spread formations?

  2. So andy,after seeing this SW team without braxton and also starting saftey missing,what do you predict there record to be, i think southwest will turn heads as a opinion,
    but now after seing some contact how good do you really think they are

  3. Looked to be running more spread formations today and they had a couple of good wideouts, #9 was especially impressive…If I am not mistaken, SWG was in the Middle School Title game with Kernodle last season and many of those kids ought to be on the way up toward Varsity and JV for SWG…..Kernodle had a real sharpe QB and now he is on the JV’s at NWG……

  4. Brandon Banks is a force,this man is crazy he can not be stoped he was knocking running backs down when its supposed to be the opposite..
    and uhm if that was a game i’m sorry JAKE SIMPSON you would have been cleaned no disrespect. But watch out for banks he will start getting High D1 offers

  5. Got to see SWG against some stiffer competition to get a real read….(6-5) is still a strong possiblitiy because their conference is so strong with NWG, Ragsdale, East and Central…..They can step up, but they must go (4-1) non-conference to reach their overall goals….(7-4) is an attainable goal and that is what I would shoot for if I were SWG, to go at least (7-4) and then the rest would be gravy……

  6. To say that SW had the edge is an understatement, they comepletely dominated. And, who sets a goal to win 7 games? I know it’s a really tough conference but, we set out to win every game. No body settles for meidocre results.

  7. nobody cares about JV to be honest lol.
    JV football is just for varsity coaches to get loooks on offense and defense of what the other team will do friday night

  8. On the goals for the season, the first goal is always to win them all….You want to make tthe playoffs, which is not as tough today as it used to be….Then you want to win the Conference Championship…..That is always a top priority, to win the Conference Title….To win 7 games in a tough conference like the Piedmont Triad 4-A would be a successful season for a team working their way up…..The 7 wins would factor in non-conference and the conference games and to finish with 7 wins these days in the regular season is a pretty good accomplihsment….May not be your ultimate goal, but it is a good realistic goal for the season….

  9. To 2@ – what a dumb thing to say. Great for all the hardworking JV players what work their tails off on the field and take pride in what they do – Hey guess what – people really do care about the JV teams – they build the varsity teams of tomorrow. The truth is – nobody cares about your DUMB comments. Get real.

  10. I remembered the name of the young QB from Kernodle last night that led his team to the win over SWG in that Middle School Championship game last season…..He was Mark Murphy and now he is the JV QB at NWG…..Good name and good kid, the name goes all the way back to the Washington Redskins of the late 80’s early 90’s and their Mark Murphy was a DB and one of the best to ever play the game…..

    Wonder how that NWG at NEG scrimmage went yesterday????? We are hearing that Dudley looked pretty good versus Mount Tabor at Dudley…..NWG at NewBridge Bank Jamboree on Friday as is NEG and Dudley goes to Burlington to face Williams, Cummings and Eastern Alamance….EA one of the top-ranked 3-A teams in the state……

  11. Andy,what do you precdict the Southeast Vs. Southwest Guilford football games results to be?
    i think 42-14..southwest is to deep at the RB postion
    what about u

  12. I would still give the edge to SWG and it would more like 28-14…..One issue we haven’t addressed is how good/strong is the SWG Cowboys kicker and for that matter, all the kickers in the area…..We have mentioned Tyler Hunt from EG, Brad Davis from Ragsdale, Will Johnson from HP Central and Ryan Jackson/Carter Greene from Page, but what about the others?????

  13. If your talking about a kicker SWG 2 year varsity returing kicker is coming back in tanner butler he has never played a JV game but he is going to be there kicker and he can kick..
    he will be a junior this year and will be one of the top kickers in the area

  14. We shall see…..SEG woke up after the 1st game last year to play competitive football. No one is forgetting 29-0 loss. This won’t be a blowout.

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