Page on hot rolls/roles in strong performance at South Mecklenburg scrimmages

Page played well and showed well in their scrimmages down at South Mecklenburg last night(Thursday) and the Pirates came away in good shape after the trip down to Charlotte…..

One of our readers and a Pirate faithful follower took it all in and this is what they had to say and we could use more comments from the Page Pirate Nation on last night’s outing at South Meck…..

From the Pirate Nation on this Friday morning…..

Page had too many offensive weapons and they ALL were ready and if I’m not mistaken, they won all of their scrimmages tonight(Thursday). I’ll tell you this, I don’t know too much about Sun Valley, but I think we’ll be hearing a lot from them this year. Independence looks m-i-g-h-t-y small but that lil’ #21…(whew) he’s got a lot of heart and doesn’t hesitate to run into traffic! Davie County was well…Davie County. Crest has a huge “O” line!! I almost asked to see the birth certificates of some of those guys!

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  1. Here is the info from Joe B. from one of our other posts on last night’s scrimmage……

    Page ended up playing South Meck, Sun Valley, Crest and Northwestern, SC.. because of the late start due to the downpour.

    Beat South Meck and Sun Valley, If I remember correctly tied Crest 1-1 with a Rogers long TD run, and also held NWern, SC scoreless in a 0-0 stalemate. Northwestern threw the ball on all 10 plays against Page, and 6 of them in a row were thrown at Ed Britt. On all 6 of those plays, Britt either defended the pass with bat downs or he made a solid tackle behind the line of scrimmage or as the receiver caught it. He had a nice jump on a slant and batted it down. He had an interception against Sun Valley and was step for step with South Carolina committed WR Jody Fuller with a very nice play on a ball in the endzone to deny fuller of a TD catch. Great all around night for Britt and the Pirates.

    Here are a couple of snip its from what other guys are saying on other sites..

    “Northwestern had the best quarterback
    Page had the best athlete – their quarterback
    Crest had the best defensive lineman
    South Mecklenburg had the best offensive lineman
    Overall Northwestern seemed to be the best team. But hard to tell because of the format of the scrimmage…”

    “Page looked good. Man their first offensive series against South Mecklenburg I think they scored on almost every play!”

    “Page looked to me to be head and shoulders above the rest.Big, fast, strong, eager.
    Sun Valley looked strong, ran all over Indy (it seemed like).
    Agree on Crest backs.
    Encouraging signs for South Meck defense, historically a weakness. O-line created some lanes for 20 and the other backs.
    Northwestern, not sure I see the “7? in the CO Sweet 16 ranking…didn’t look that strong IMHO although the QB did look good as mentioned above- he’s a tall kid.”

    “Northwestern, Page, and Crest were probably the top level when I watched them. Just not really sure what coaches were trying to achieve and how much time they wanted certain kids to play. Everyone has a scrimmage agenda and it is not always to look the best.”

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