This almost makes you want to cry, Ray Guy has to sell Super Bowl rings after declaring bankruptcy

Ray Guy was a quarterback and punter in college and high school and I once saw him punt a ball so high, that it hit the top of the SuperDome in New Orleans, Louisiana…..He is one of the all-time greats and this is a shame, but it’s only a game, a game that knows no name and it is the game of life and sometimes it takes some real hard twists and turns…..

from YahooSports:

Former Oakland Raiders punter and perennial Hall of Fame snub Ray Guy saw his three Super Bowl rings sell for $80,100 this week as part of a bankruptcy filing. The seven-time Pro Bowler was forced to sell the rings after filing for bankruptcy this spring.

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  1. People to watch at the Rockingham Jamboree tommorow,
    Jacob Mccan-NE
    Ray Bridges,Brandon Banks,Larry Edwards and Daye- SWG
    Reid Baxter Matt P. Daltion Dillion Kevin Parrish-NW
    Dylan Daniels- Mcmcmieal
    Western Guilford- Standik Twins And kedesh Edwards

    Any more names

  2. Sad to hear this about Ray Guy. As a life long Coloradoan, that was a pretty fierce Denver Broncos fan over the years, I watched the Broncos come up against the Raiders every year. Our nemesis. We always knew that if the Broncos put the Raiders in a position to punt, Ray Guy, would manage to but the Broncos in a deep hole and sure enough, they wouldn’t make a first down and the Raiders would end up with the ball with good field postiion. It is a shame, but all people are affected by this economy these days. I wish Ray Guy all the best in the future.

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