Former Greensboro judge Tom Ross says UNC and Board of Governors in full support of Chancellor Thorp

Chapel Hill, N.C. — University of North Carolina President Tom Ross(Greensboro, N.C.) and the UNC Board of Governors released a statement Friday morning indicating that UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp has their full backing.

The UNC football program is in the latter stages of an NCAA investigation that has extended into inappropriate dealings with agents involving players and coaches, improper benefits and academic fraud and plagiarism. In all, the UNC football program faces nine major violations and will go in front of an NCAA Committee on Infractions on Oct. 28.

Tom Ross(Greensboro, N.C.) is well thought of in academic and judicial circles across the state and around the nation and he is the former President at Davidson College and served long-term on the bench, as a Superior Court Judge…..The saying, “Judge lest ye should not be judged” is a very profound statement and Judge Ross has always been a good judge of character and of the overall exspansive population, in every day life and in academic settings……

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  1. We shall see how this goes.I think it is too early to tell how long Holden survives.
    He seems like he will do whatever his current BOT(not to be confused with BOG) desires of him.
    On the previous BOT led by Football 1st Bob Winston Holden steadfastly supported Butch Davis.Winston himself and a few other football supporters rotated off the BOT on June 30,2011.
    The new BOT took over July 1st but did not have a scheduled meeting until July 27th when Butch got the axe.The newer BOT is obviously comprised of more academics 1st rather than football 1st members.
    He could be ok if he continues to march strictly to the orders of the new BOT.

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