Smith Golden Eagles look strong in Fab Five Scrimmage

Smith over Southern Durham 7-6 and the Golden Eagles also picked off a pass from Southern and took it down to about the five-yard line….

Looks like Smith will be the real deal again this season……Left-handed QB Kaylen Pratt had a very good game from what I am hearing and the Smith defense stood up and stopped Southern Durham on several occasions….

Overall good night for Smith….Smith-Southern Durham was the only full 40 minute scrimmage that they were able to complete….

High Point Andrews-Charlotte Christian they played all but 12 minutes of the 40 minute scrimmage and Andrews pretty won this one based on my reports….

Because of heat lightning in the distance, they were not able to play any of the Smith-High Point Central game and the scrimmages were shut down…..

High Point Central vs. Charlotte Christian in the simulated scrimmage, HP Central won that one with two TD runs by Bions’ QB Justin Johnson and a TD pass by Woody Cornwell, plus one other touchdown for Central on a run…

High Point Andrews-Southern Durham in the simulated scrimmage, was Southern Durham on top and they got the advantage over HPA….

People coming away from the scrimmage say, that the Smith Golden Eagles looked the best of all the teams on the field, at Ben L. Smith High School tonight…..


  1. Could somebody tell me overall how Southern Durham looked? I follow the Pac-6 and Southern is supposed to be one of the top teams not only in their conference but one of the best in the state this season. I keep hearing different reports. Thanks in advance.

  2. from what i saw it was the very opposite of this report. smith did not look that good against southern durham. Southern durham was moving the ball at will it seemed like and smith could not really do anything offense against southern durham. Southern was just were careless the ball with fumbles and interceptions which was how smith scored. smith’s offense was decent nothing was also Southern durham’s 3rd scrimmage of the day and it was Smith’s 1st… the eagles legs were much fresher. smith looks nothing like the team from last year in my honest opinion. after reading the message boards about how smith was still supposed to be so good this year after what they did last season i was not impressed by any means

  3. Thanks for the update fan of football. Basically it seems like the Spartans need to take better care of the ball. How did their defense look overall?

  4. I agree I was sitting behind the Dudley coaches who were scouting and they were saying the same thing. It was a who’s who of Greensboro coaches there scouting. I saw staffs from Dudley, Northwest, Grimsley, Page, Ashboro, Thomasville and a bunch I couldn’t recognize. I was disappointed with Southern Durham. I can’t really saw who looked best but I don’t think any of them looked good.

  5. Our reports are coming in from our scout at the game….He called it like he saw and different fans sometimes see it different ways….He has traveled the Mid-Atantic and knows the Metro area, so you have to put at least some rep in his stock….He also covers the mountains of Virginia for 98.1 FM……

  6. Andy,

    You are correct in your statement that we all saw things differently. I for one would have to agree with “fan of football” though. I was not impressed with either Smith nor Southern Durham. Below are my validations:

    1. Smith has too many kids going both ways. Sure they’ll come out hyped the 1st quarter, but after one series I saw kids winded and not going as hard. Can that be corrected? Sure. The kids will eventually be in better shape and much more acclimated to handle longer periods of play; however, this type of play increases the risk of injuries. One or two injuries and Smith will struggle. I saw a lot of missed tackles from Smith, and I’m contributing that to being tired as well.

    2. I saw two pretty good players in #4 and #8. They had some big lineman as well, but after one series of going both ways the lineman were too tired. The QB struggled a lot. The QB was not very accurate with the passes over the middle or out to the sideline. I’m sure as the season wears along he will get better with more reps, but in this scrimmage I saw one good play from him and that was the long fade to #4. Other than that, #8 was the most productive of the group. Most of his good runs came from the outside and that was because either the defensive lineman from Southern Durham were better or the offensive lineman from Smith were too tired and not maintaining their blocks for runs up the middle.

    Now, for my assessment:
    I believe that NWG has way too much fire power for Smith. If NWG can stop the sweeps from #8 and then stop the fade to #4, then I believe they will win this game with no problems. Stop #4 and #8 and things should pan out well for NWG. Smith will come out fired up as they always are, but by the 4th quarter NWG will most likely have worn down Smith’s defense, and I just don’t see them able to stop Dillon and Baxter in the 4th.

  7. On the last comment….Not sure if it all will break down just like that this Friday, but that is a very good breakdown and well thought out and put togetner….Good overall assessement and keep coming back with more of that…..Very good input…..Again, look forward to seeing more of that ….

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