We’re Number 151! Take That Winston-Salem (sorry, I didn’t realize you were 22nd).

The Sports Business Journal has released their Minor League Sports Cities ranking and Greensboro tanked it this year coming in 151st out of 241 cities.

In area cities, Charleston SC was 7th – boasting the SAL Charleston River Dogs, ECHL South Carolina Stingrays, USL Charleston Battery teams. Winston-Salem ranked 22nd. The number of “smaller” cities ranking higher than Greensboro are too numberous to count (Feel Free – the Ranking can be found here.

  • We lost points for teams no longer in business, that thrive elsewhere.
  • We lost points for attendance because we are large metropolitan area with a small fan base.
  • We lost points due to the economic impact that area has suffered.

We could do better; but it seems as if there are those who prefer us to a place to visit (Tournament Town); but not live (no home teams at coliseum).


  1. What a bogus poll. Most people think we’re better off without the Revolution.

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