High School Football on Radio and at the Site for this Friday night

Radio Game of the Week for this Friday night will be Northwest Guilford at Smith….Air time at 6:45 and kickoff set for 7:30 from Smith’s Claude Manzi Stadium………

Game available from Ben L. Smith High School on AM950 and at www.wpetam950.com…….We will also have updates on area Guilford County games here at the site all through the night……..And we will be relaying those updates during the radio broadcast as well…..

Friday night, the Vikings and Golden Eagles from Smith High School, on AM950, “The Guilford County Sports Connection”…..And if you need better reception on the Sports Connection, go to www.wpetam950.com……Try it on your cell phone if you have internet capabilities…..


  1. you aint got to worry bout that NW Fan. them Vikings are in for another beat down just like last year! yall to small to slow…….


    Eagle Pride!!!!

  2. Eaglez,

    Still got to play the game Friday Night……..NW might just be pretty good this year. Guess will have to wait and see……


  3. After seeing what the two teams has back, look for Dalton Dillon and Reid Baxter to pile up yards in the 4th quarter. Smith has lots of guys going both ways, and I believe NWG pulls away big in the 4th.

    NWG – 35
    Smith – 14

  4. Lets go Ben L. Smith !!!!!! Start the season off right. We are not as good as last year, but we will win alot of games

  5. Eaglez,

    I hope your entire team believes NW is “too slow & too small”! Advantage VIKINGS!!! You know NOTHING!!! Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE VIKINGS. . . .. .

  6. Have you ever noticed that Coach Brewington gives the same “rah rah” speech before every game? I’ve seen two different clippings on Friday Football Extra where Coach Brewington says “No one gives us a chance…No one thinks we can do it”…Well, I would bet the majority of the Triad are thinks that NWG will win; therefore, I bet its gonna be that same ole speech again…

    If Friday Football Extra is there again, who wants to take bets on his pregame speech?

  7. Forecast is for Rain/thunder showers so lets hope we play this one. The season will start off great for one of these teams but and offense that is loaded with players like NW, I have to give them the nod and a big payback game with their Senior Studs.

  8. Not sure why everyone is jumping on the Smith bangwagon when they couldn’t even get out of the 1st round last year in the playoffs. One site even has these guys as a favorite to win small 4A state title………………the Eagles will get EVERYONE’s BEST game this yr including S. Alamance

  9. This comment is to the senior players of BOTH teams and their parents. Doesn’t matter how Friday’s game goes. What matters most (especially if you don’t have a committment letter signed, sealed and in the mail and / or you’re not going to college) is you play your heart out. Because, once you walk off that field. There is no getting that feeling, that moment of brotherhood, and that moment of those Friday Night Lights shining down on YOUR stage back. You seniors (BOTH TEAMS) better not take your time on that field for granted. Who cares about all the name calling and team bashing. You players that worked hard to wear those jerseys, YOU are what count the most. Savoring that everlasting moment. Keep it in perspective.

  10. Amen to poster What Counts. There is no feeling like playing football on Friday nights. And when it’s over you’ll never have that feeling again. You may play in college but it starts to beome work at that level. You’ll never duplicate the fellowship and excitement of Friday nights. To all you seniors out there, play every play as if it’s your last. One day this will end. Enjoy your senior year boys.

  11. “What Counts Most” and “Seniors” you’ve got it right. There’s nothing like Friday night. I remember reading an article about Woody Durham, who witnessed many memorable games as the voice of the Tar Heels, saying “Friday nights were the best memories he had.” Seniors enjoy it!!! There isn’t any other high school sport that compares to football.

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