Coverage team taking shape for tonight

Looks like we have the games farily well covered for this season and in some cases we have two deep coverage….AM950 for the Northwest Guilford at Smith game and we’ll hit it right around 6:45 and Don Moore will have us set up in a “Cover Two”, with games updated here at the site throughout the night/evening…..

Here is the coverage map we have set up so far…..

Northwest Guilford at Smith(We will be there with AM950 and
Ragsdale at Grimsley(Glenn Locklear from Ragsdale and Mike Ellis from Jamestown News in Backup with GFAN also on the returns)
Northeast Guilford at Western(Hornet 77 on the spot)
Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford(Lori L. will be back for us again this season….
Southwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford(Todd Frazier on the sidelines at this one….)
High Point Central vs. High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium(Greg Johnson on the Bison bench with this call….)
Page at Davie County(Rusty Lee will be at Dav-ie and UnderDogs Unite will also be on the site….)
Dudley at Southern Durham(Looking to Joe Goddette and it is a good bet that he will be there for us…..)
Northern Guilford(Open)


  1. I gotcha Andy!

    (The iPad’s charging up as I type and the Android is on deck) I’ll be logging in as soon as I get there and get settled in.

  2. If you get a chance send your update with analysis to the web site/blog…..And thanks to all…..

  3. You don’t have to. We have a game set for 4:30 over here in front of General Greene School on Benjamin Parkway. Can you make it????? Donna Shalala(Miamia) is set to make a speech on spreading the wealth around in college football, right before kickoff….

  4. I know his name is Otis isn’t it. Everyone knows his name is Otis. He is awesome especially when he rode that cow.

  5. Jeff, We all know these guys covering this game were not professional announcers, if so they would not be on AM950 they would be on ESPN.
    Just wait until they cover NG game they know all those guys names really well .

  6. Rich Campbell is the father of the center at NWG and he was at the game watching not listing to a radio.

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