400 Level course may have been just a little above the curve for Marvin Austin while in early days at UNC

from Dan Kane of the News and Observer by way of www.charlotteobserver.com:

The typical path for a college student beginning his or her academic journey starts with introductory courses, followed by more specialized ones. That’s why many colleges label classes as 100 level, 200 level and so on.

But a transcript for former North Carolina football player Marvin Austin shows his academic path got off to an unusual start. In a summer 2007 session just before his first full semester on campus, Austin took a 400 level class in African-American studies and received a B plus.

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  1. so we have players accepting gifts from agents. coaches working for agents. academic fraud. but carolina fans are still mad that butch davis was fired.

  2. So we have a kid who enters college and required a remedial reading and writing class, yet he skips it and goes straight to a 400 level class and makes a B+?

    You don’t see many UNC fans coming on here to justify Butch or UNC’s position any longer. It is sadly apparent to everyone that things are out of control at UNC. It has become an embarrassment to the whole conference. Think how embarrassing this must be for other athletes that came through UNC? Many earned their degrees but it is apparent that many did not. It casts a cloud over some that don’t deserve it.

    When is the last time the SEC was able to poke fun at the ACC over academics and cheating?

  3. I’m not mad at the firing. I’m mad -ish they didnt do it much earlier and for various reasons.
    I am sure academic heads will roll also. My opinion is that Thorp needs to go as well. Badly handled on many levels.

    Isnt Miami in The ACC too. I dont seem to see too much from the ABCers on that topic. Wonder why? Perhaps because they dont really care about the real issues and problems but really only about UNCs issues and problems. That is fine.

    My guess is SEC fans know to keep their mouths shut because it is only a matter of time. I am going to guess that suddenly some ACC athletes at many schools will begin to have more academic problems as schools crack down and back track on “Rocks for Jocks” type classes. We shall see. Wouldnt be a bad thing afterall.

    There are lots and lots of issues in collegiate athletics at just about every school. Maybe a reckoning is a comin. Nah.

  4. The Miami issue could be much worse. Everyone is well aware. However there has been no evidence presented on the Miami issue. The investigation is not as far along as the UNC situation. And the accusor is a man in jail for a 900 million Ponzi scheme. Once more facts come out I think you’ll see some of the same reaction. However there are a couple of differences. Miami is not part of the UNC system. UNC is. Miami has not marketed themselves, nor has the ACC marketed Miami as a beacon of the right way top do things. UNC has and unfortuantely we have seen what the “UNC Way” is all about. Miami didn’t go around pounding their chest about how they do things the right way.

    There are issues at many schools, some much worse than others. I think one of the biggest issues is student/athletes are being admitted that cannot do the work. Once they get to campus each school finds a way to keep them eligible. Even when some graduate they have not developed any skills or get a degree in something that leads to nowhere.

  5. Every college has classes that are known as easy classes. They are the first to fill up. Even at schools like Harvard, Yale, etc.. there are courses that are easy A’s. I am not shocked at all and this isn’t even a revelation. Take a look at all of the ACC schools and you will see that athletes taking easy courses. At my school we had a course called Physiography, but it was better known as Rocks for Jocks. Real easy A. It should be known that these classes were filled with as many pre med majors as athletes. Everybody needs to pad their GPA. As far as it being a 400 level course, if there are no prerequisites anybody can take these classes.

  6. I’ll take that bet. There wont be nearly the number of giddy, snotty remarks from “ACC” fans. Guaranteed. Fooling yourself if you think otherwise. ABC isnt some made up BS. But your points have more than some vallidity … absolutely no doubt. The chickens have come home to roost for UNC and Butch. It seems to me Thorp handled it wrong in almost every way.

    The chickens are merely still roaming free at other ACC institutions. But to be honest, I hope when all of these other ACC schools have their investigations (and I am sure they will) nothing is found. I would be truly happy… surprised but happy.

  7. So why isn’t Thorp on the chopping block because he oversees the academic side of the university (honor court, faculty)? Someone is leaking personal academic records of a former student and this isn’t a big deal? I hope Austin sues his butt and the University. It’s bad enough that Thorp committed a secondary NCAA violation all by himself (Davis has ZERO Violations btw) but now this stuff gets out?

    If all of the ABC’ers think courses like this do not exist at their schools, I have a bridge I’d like to sell them.

  8. That is kind of funny that you bring that up about the bridge…..Last night on the Beverly Hillbillies, “Honest Hank” was trying to sell the Clampetts the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Park and the LA Freeway……..

  9. If enough investigative digging occurs then all of the UNC teams in addition to football will be exposed.I agree with Mike L in that Miami has never tried to deceive the public into believing they do things the right way like UNC has. We have now seen what “The Carolina Way” really means. Cheat like hell,don’t get caught and deny,stonewall and lie in case you are caught. I do not claim to be unbiased but after following this scandal from its inception it is amazing how every UNC transgression has also had an attempted coverup to go along with it.
    Anyone remember when this thing 1st happened and Inside Carolina reported the following: Greg Little is cleared to play by the NCAA, Marvin Austin will miss one game & it will all be over by Friday.This is going to last a while UNC fans. Get used to it.

  10. One thing is for certain, despite the fact that crip courses can be found at just about every intitution, the grade distribution at UNC verifies how many courses there seem to fall into this category. This is moving towards an overall academic problem that will expose the softball courses at UNC for all students.

    Let’s face it, liberal arts majors are not really the most challenging of cirriculums…..which maybe makes this situation all the more pathetic.

  11. I know everyone is upset this is going on in College, but you want to hear something even sadder it goes on in High School as well.
    Normally Coaches hand pick certain teachers for their so called prime athletes who have trouble in the class room. This way they can have some control
    if they need some help with grades or make up work so forth and so on. Tutors are brought in for some that need a lot of help. Ever wonder how a kid who was struggling in regular classes transfers to another school and has to take AP and Honor classes and magically starts making A’s & B’s.
    Makes you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  12. Where in the hell is smh the #1 UNC apologist?
    Hey all, there is a very funny video on lackofinstitutionalcontrol.com Y’all need to check it out.

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