HS Football Check List from Week One and who’s in line to be the Power Team Sales Player of the Week

Some names to keep in mind for the Power Team Sales Player of the Week, as we look back at Week One of the high school football season, with the following and don’t forget Robbie, Abbey, Gary, Dan, David and Clark at Power Team Sales on Battleground Avenue and at www.powerteamsales.com……Join the team at Power Team Sales, Sporting Goods and Apparel……

This week on the Check List and send me your votes to andy@greensborosports.com and let me know who you think should be the Player of the Week…..

James Summers(Page)…He ran for 248 yards on 16 keepers, for 2 TDs. Had 85 passing yards, for another 2 TDs……

Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford) with 4 TD passes and 157 yards passing….Matt Colvin(SG) with two big TD receptions for Southern….

Marquez Eleazor(Ragsdale) with 216 yards rushing on 26 carries and 2 TD’s…..Tiger QB Garrison Herndon with 118 yards on 10-16 passing for 2 TD’s….

Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) 4 TD’s with a kickoff return of 85 yards and 68 yards rushing on 11 carries…..Matt Pawlowski(NWG) 5-6 passing for 117 yards and one TD…..Ryan Overcash(NWG) with 3 receptions for 75 yards and one interception…..

Brent Frazier(Southeast Guilford) with a 90-yard interception return for a TD, Kir Turner with a 72-yard kickoff return for a TD and two key pass receptions…..

Marqull Cartwright(High Point Andrews) with 145 yards rushing and a key TD…DJ Miller(HPA) with three TD runs for the Red Raiders…..

Jacob McCann(Northeast Guilford) with 2 TD’s and right at 100 yards rushing on the ground….Evan Reaser(NEG) was a perfect 6-6 in is PAT kicks…..

Josh Thompson(Western Guilford) had 304 yards passing and 3 TD’s through the air for the Hornets…..

Keenon Sharpe(Dudley) had 74 yards on 19 carries and scored 2 TD’s for the Panthers….

Omar Faust(Smith) with 138 yards on 29 carries for the Golden Eagles…..

Others under consideration included Kyle Marin(NEG), Phil Petty and Will Greene(SEG), Dalton Dillon and Logan Lover(NWG), Brandon Banks(SWG), Myles Morris(Smith), Orlando Hatfield and Drew Rogers(Page)……Zerrick Baker(High Point Central) and others…..Do you know of some others that could use a mention and if you want to vote on the Player of the Week, just contact me at andy@greensborosports.com……

We will put the new mame out there on Friday of this week….


  1. Andy–

    Can ya break it up and have an Offensive Player of the Week as well as a Defensive Player of the Week?

    Just wondering……

    BTW–My P.O.W pick would go to James Summers.

  2. If we get enough nominations we can do it….We just need names, stats, numbers, things like that on the defensive players….We don’t have much ready info on them and we would need some names and some of their stats…….

  3. I vote for Otis Campbell for center of the week. He had a number of clean snaps and learned to drive in Barney’s toy car school.

  4. I am a viking fan but based on the stats I will have to go with Summers. He had the numbers period. I do want to say congrats to the Vikings on a very impressive win and great plays on both sides of the ball. The offense spread the wealth around to a bunch of players and managed the game like a college team. No punts on offense last Friday, quite an accomplishment since Smith is still a good team and is going to bounce back in a hurry.

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