Is it time for Appalachian State to move up to the college football’s highest level? Maybe East Carolina should move down?

Appalachian State wants to go big-time in college football….Is this the right move? I would say not…..East Carolina has been playing up for many years now and with the exception of the Ed Emory years, what have they accomplished??? ECU draws big crowds for games with N.C. State and North Carolina, but they have never, and I mean NEVER found a football conference that they can play in…..What are they in now, the Conference USA, with teams like SMU, UAB, Houston, Memphis, Central Florida and the like…..(How pumped up can you get for playing a big home game in Greenville, against Memphis or Houston or SMU or UAB or Central Florida?)ECU would be better off to keep playing non-conference games with N.C. State, North Carolina and the like and then return to the Southern Conference…..It would be a perfect fit for ECU in basketball, baseball and other sports…..With ECU added, the Southern Conference would then have ECU, Appalachian, Elon, Western Carolina, bring back Marshall, and you also have Wofford, Furman, and others and it is a real good football conference….Or maybe ECU should just return to the Southern Conference in all sports but football and remain independent in that sport….ECU back to the Southern Conference makes the most sense of all, cause what they are doing in football now makes no sense at all……SMU, Houston, Central Florida, Memphis, UAB and whatever…..(Hey wait a minute, we have SMU coming to town and they have Craig James and Eric Dickerson…..Hold on now, that was 30 years ago, my Pirate Pals!!!!!)

As for Appalachian moving to the College Football Bowl Subdivision? Makes No Sense at All????? And if it does, prove it to me………..(See ECU above and you’ll get what I mean, but prove it to me and I’ll be open to your arguements…..)

BOONE, N.C. — A committee at Appalachian State says the Mountaineers’ football program should jump to the Bowl Subdivision.

The school’s athletics feasibility committee voted Monday to recommend to Chancellor Kenneth Peacock that it seek membership in an FBS conference.

The Mountaineers won three straight Championship Subdivision titles from 2005-07. They have captured six straight Southern Conference titles and have led the FCS in regular-season home attendance four straight years.