“Best of Summer Teams”, from the HoopGurlz with Tennessee Flight, Battle of the ‘Boro winners, among the BEST!

CLICK HERE to see all from ESPN.com with the Tennessee Flight ranked the second best team in the entire country and I think some of our teams have beaten the Tennessee squads in the past and it’s all among the age group, I guess…..Check it out and you’ll see some good notes and hoop factoids….


  1. We do not have any locate teams represented because we do not have any locate teams good enough to make it to the championship rounds of these tournaments. We have some individually good players in this area but we do not have any, any, any, I mean any local teams good enough to make it to the championship rounds much less win multiple games against high level teams. Please name even 1 local tem from the Stealers, Stars, Gators, Galaxy, Cougars, or Phoenix that has won any national level tournament. The teams in this area generally play each other and do not compete well against national teams. The teams in this area generally do not go to a lot of the national Nike type of tournament where the high level competition is playing. The AAU girls teams around here may go out of state to Tennessee once a year but they do not go to Atlanta, Augusta, DC, etc.. The Carolina All Stars from Durham made the list and historically the Garner Flames were able to compete but regardless this area does not have any AAU organizations good enough to compete nationally.

  2. Obviously you dont know what your talking about … So let me shed some light on the subject for the dummies that think they know but don’t know. I cant speak for any other organization in this area but I can speak for the Phoenix organization. Fisrt thing I will tell you is that just because teams are on that list dosent mean that they are the best teams in the country. It just means that those coaches have good relationships with sports writers. From that list. of teams that are labeled as the best of the summer, between the Lady Phoenix 16u Elite, Lady Phoenix 16u White, Lady Phoenix 16u purple and the Lady Phoenix 15u have played against: Tennessee Flight elite, Fairfrax Stars, Midwest Elite, Exodus NYC, Arizona Warriors,Georgia Metros, West Coast Premier, Kentucky Premier, Houston Elite, Wiggins Waves, Spiece Indy Lady Gym Rats and Central Florida Elite and I can assure you that as an organization our record against those elite teams is above 50%. The Carolina All-Stars are on that list and all 3 of the Phoenix 16u teams as well as our 15u team beat that team pretty comfortably every time. As a matter of fact The Garner Flames either.I

    In the travel basketball season you get 4 major showcases. Its on;ly 4 because there are only 4 college viewing periods durring the summer for season. 1 in April where you usually have 3 major events. on the East Coast its: Boo Williams Invitational, Deep South Classic and Peach State Summer Jam 1. Its impossible to goto all of them because they are all on thge same weekend. Then in the month of July There are about 12 events that are broken up over 3 viewing periods which typically is The Battle of the Boro in Murfreesboro Tennesee, which this year are 16u elite team and are 15u team made quarterfinals finishes and our other 2 16u teams won out of there beackets.

    So to inform you on something you know nothing about the Phoenix organization competes in as many major showcase events as any other team in the country and have played and beaten a good share of teams on that list. Also take into considerations that we usually travel with 3 teams in the 16u age group which is rising seniors and we travel with 2 15u teams which is rising Juniors and 1 of our 15u teams this past year (with Paris Kea, Makayla Rouse and Imani Atkinson just to name a few players ont that team) Was clearly one of the top teams 20 teams in the country at that age group. Just think if we broke all of our best players down on to one travel team (like pretty much every organization on that list does) in each age group. We would finish in the top four of most of theese tournaments. Also consider that everygirl in our organization goes to highschool within a 30 min radius of Greensboro. IN THE STATE OF NC!!! Most of theese teams are comprised of girls from neighboring states. Last years national champiom Tennessee Flight team had 7 states represented on that team where those girls dont practice weekly. They record plays and mail it out to all of there players and they just show up for tournaments and play. Thats what makes our organization as good as it is. Thats why colleges constantly come back to this area to get college basketball players!!!

    Shout Out to the Gaters, Galaxy and Stealers!!! Big Shouts to the Lady Magic out of Thomasville!!!

  3. I believe the Greensboro Galaxy AAU team won a National Title in 2007 and from my readings on these boards over the years, it seemed like they were one of the few teams that always represented this area on a National scale very well. I cannot remember the young ladies that were on that team, but they seemed to have always done pretty well.

  4. I wish Galaxy had an older team this year because I wanted my daughter to play for them primarily becuase I followed some of their players through the years and loved the way they played basketball. Eventhough they did not have a team of a lot of players on it, they knew how to win and at a high level. I can remember the young lady Desiree Drayton from Dudley, Miranda Jenkins from Eastern Guilford, Brittany Drew from Page, Chell Jackson from Dudley and many more whom seemed to play with a great deal of intensity and knew how to move the ball. My daughter used to love watching them play and every since she was in 7th grade she told me that she wanted to learn how to play like them. She is in highschool this year and when she followed how they performed in highschool this year, she said that has motivated her even more.

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