Players on the move as the new school year begins

School begins this week(Thursday for Guilford County) and several of the area private schools are already in session…..

We have some of our basketball players changing schools and they are on the move, with Reggie Dillard from Dudley to Day…..Reggie is in class at the Greensboro Day School and he has re-classed and he will be a junior this year for the Bengals…..Montrell Goldston from Grimsley has also joined the Bengals at Greensboro Day and will be ready to play with say, Jalen Ross, Reed Lucas, Montrell Goldston, Reggie Dillard, Christian Hairston, and Quayshad Williams all ready to help build that starting five for GDS…..

Reggie Dillard and Montrell Goldston to GDS and we have Theo Pinson and James Tre’ Chapman at Wesleyan….Pinson in from Oak Ridge Military Academy and Chapman from GDS to Wesleyan…..

You also have Jackson Kent from Page to High Point Christian Academy and Michael Obacha from Oak Ridge to High Point Christian and Diante Baldwin from Western Guilford to High Point Christian……

Making the move from Westchester Country Day, to The Christ School up in Arden, is Josh Level…..Level will be playing for coach David Gaines, who coached all three of the Plumlee brothers in Mile, Mason and Marshall….Level had a very solid summer on the Showcase Circuit and came up 4-Star at serveral events and has participated in Dave Telep’s Top Players camp on more than one occasion….

Many of the young men will re-class and get/use the extra year of eligibility that the private schools provide, with Dillard, Kent, Baldwin, I would think Goldston and others all for sure re-classing


  1. I will never understand why a kid would agree to stay another year in high school. I couldn’t wait to get to college. I am obviously misguided because it appears that everybody is doing it. Good luck to these kids and I hope it works out. I would love to see how many kids who transfer from high school to high school also transfer when they get to college.

  2. There has been an interesting transfer trend in recent years with the above kids at Greensboro Day coming in with Jalen Ross(Northern Gulford), Reed Lucas(Northwest Guilford), Christian Hairston(Grimsley), Quayshad Williams(Eastern Guilford), Reggie Dillard(Dudley) and Montrell Goldston(Grimsley) almost all opting for the extra year that the re-class process provides……Maybe re-class high school and skip the red-shirt process in college……

    Wonder if PJ Hairston will red-shirt at North Carolina??? Maybe at UNC you blue-shirt instead of red-shirt…..

  3. Greensboro Day requires repeating a grade for academic purposes when transferring. They do this with many students who transfer there, not just basketball players.

  4. I do not blame a kid one bit on transferring to Greensbor Day. They may not have the best talent year in and year out, but they do have the best oaching and preparing a kid for college. They always have a winning and well coached team. Heard a college coach comment at the Little 4 one year that the Day School was one of the best coached and prepared team he sees yearly. As far as re-classifying, this gives a kid who has not matured and developed another year of experience and maturing and maybe a chance for a scholarship. The Day School also stresses academics as much as they do athletics. They require their athletes to perform in the classroom aas well.

  5. Parents and Players I say evaluate your situation and do whats best for u. Good luck youngmen

  6. “Greensboro Day requires repeating a grade for academic purposes when transferring.”

    Uh, no they don’t.

  7. How many kids did not get what they where promised and wished they had never transferred???

  8. Looks like ol’ Freddie’s “really” at it again . . . . . .he tried it with Brendon Haywood years ago and failed. Some folks get away with recruiting and ya”ll accept it as great coaching. He’s just like the AAU jerks, only he’s got GDay . . . . . WATCHIN’ HIS BACKSIDE,That’s all !!!!! One of the biggest lil crooks in the county. Ya’ll probably don’t like what I’m sayin’ . . . . . but deep down inside you know it’s the truth. He waits for others to build the kids and he sidewinds them on in out to GDay. Great coach . . . . .sure, yeah , all aight” !!!!! Maybe he can finally play Oak Hill a decent game by way of Dudley and Grimsley.

  9. ol bawl coach

    You are a complet idiot to think that Coach Freddie has to recruit players. GBD stands alone in its success. By the way who do you coach for or do you have someone playing that Coach Freedie would not want?

  10. The Day School coaching staff would win their share with average high school players. I look as coaching like preparing a dish. Getting the ingredients is not enough. You have to take those ingresients and combine them an mold them to make a speific dish. You have to take your players and mold them in a team and use their talents wisely and know what they are capable of doing. Simple as that. What coach wouldn’t want the best p[layers possible. One of his assistants, Jeff Smith, is a defensive guru. Has coached at the high school and college level. His other assistans are as knowledgeable as well.

  11. GDAY,

    Really??? “do you have someone playing that Coach Freedie would not want?” —-> recruiting statements at its finest suggesting that Coach Freedie (I’m sure its Coach Freddie) only seeks players that he would want.

    Btw, I thought private schools could recruit anyways; therefore, this would be a non-argument.

  12. Public school ball nothing but streetball. Dillard will go to GDS and play in a structured offense. He cant get that kind of instruction in public school. its too much run n gun. Freddie will make him a better player and he will be a better prospect because of Freddie. he making the wise move to go GDS especailly if they are paying him to go there.

  13. Who knows where all the underclass football, basketball and baseball players at Oak Ridge are this year?

  14. “ol bawl coach” does have one point correct, though he doesn’t really know how to say it: EVERY high school coach benefits from some other coach. The good youth coaches who teach the 8-12 year-olds the proper fundamentals are the best coaches of all. Every successful high school coach builds that success upon what these coaches have provided. To be fair, sometimes these youth coaches and high school coaches are the same people, but anyone who doesn’t realize where the most important skill development is is a fool.

    Freddy and Jeff do an awesome job teaching kids how to play in a team concept. But if a 16 year-old shows up and can’t shoot properly, dribble properly, or pass on the run properly, then there is no way he will ever see the light of day for GDS or any other school.

  15. Not sure if anyone knows where all of them have gone, but Pinson to Wesleyan, Obacha to High Point Christian, all of the girls for the most part went with Delaney Rudd and will be playing basketball for him at Thomasville Prep and for the graduates, loads of football players out there all over and for basketball you have Neal at Appalachian, Lawson at Purdue, Jay Canty now at Appalachian, Chris Jones did not graduate, but he was there and was supposed to be going to Tennessee……Other players we should know more after school opens tomorrow(Thursday)……

  16. Any idea whether any other Dudley players ( Clyburn or Hunt) are leaving Dudley also? And if so where are they headed?

  17. ILast year Reggie stated repeatedly he was gonna stick around for his Senior year. I’m gonna have to agree with Ol’ Bawl Coach on this one; I can only imagine the “sales package” that Freddy put together. Strange things happen during the Summer or Price just not being a good steward over his resources. Coach Seagraves off to Andrews…………maybe it’s time for Price to retire that whistle.

  18. New Garden Friends School has added Adam Coble, Keemon Ingram, Kanayo Obi-Rapu and Nolan Morgenstern. They are starting to concentrate on athletics as they develop their high school. Should be interesting.

  19. It will really help Reggie going to GDS.


    I believe HP Christian has 2 other transfers in addition to the 3 listed that you left out … Stevie (last name?, school?) and Isiah (last name? school?).

  20. Clyburn to Southwest Guilford?

    GDS has a great coaching staff and excellent academics. That will be a great fit for Reggie.

    New Garden Friends looks to be improving and getting much better. Whose the coach out there? What were they like last year?

  21. Did Reggie Dillard get any offers? If so, is there any reason why he has not accepted them? I do not understand the move if a player already is a major college prospect.

  22. Talked to Reggie’s mom this summer during the games at Proehlific Park and she he was getting plenty of offers from mid-majors and he was on Wake Forest list last year, but I think that changed with Wake now looking for more inside players….Reggie will now have two years to hone his game and get it where it needs to be….

    On others mentioned it is Stevie Williams also to High Point Christian from Southwest Guilford….He played with HPCA this summer in the showcase tournaments….I don’t know Isaiah uless he is coming in from Shining Light….

    Clyburn was looking close at New Garden Friends, with the new crew of players that they have coming in there and last word was he will end up at Southwest Guilford and tomorrow on the first day of school will tell the tale…..

    Josh Level from Westchester Country Day has landed at The Christ School with coach David Gaines up in Arden, N.C. near Asheville…..Same school that produced all the Plumlee brothers and Josh was on several 4-Star Travel teams and named top player in some of his key summer basketball showcases……Had a great summer again, as he did in 2010 and should be ready for the big-time at Christ School…..

    The Stevie Williams kid at HPCA from SWG was outstanding in his early days at SWG and then it got a little crowded with the talent overload at SWG last season……He is a player and handle the guard postion or a wing and that will give HPCA Baldwin, Kent and Williams in the backcourt and Obacha and Chuck Obogdo up front on the inside…..

  23. For those of you wondering, the other student who transferred in to HP Christian is Isiah Gill from Virginia. I heard he averaged 20+ points per game last year. I believe he is from Franklin County High School.

  24. mhoops is right: Clyburn had 2nd thoughts and decided to go to his home school. Nolan Morgenstern attended NGFS from 4 yrs old until he went to Westchester to play with his brother Cole so playing at NGFS is a sort of homecoming. Talked to Keeman Ingram last weekend. His father’s health issues and the commute costs (300+ miles per week for school alone) are main reason he’s looking at NGFS. Westchester lost Josh Level, Ingram, Obi-Rapu, Plummer, and another kid I can’t remember now. I know Josh Wilkerson was supposed to transfer there but is going to NGFS as well. WCDS’s new coach (Wilson, I think) has a more by numbers coaching style and the kids I’ve spoken to this summer simply like to get out and run looking for the quick score 1st a la Carolina 2009. He has some DIII coaching experience so they will definitely learn. WCDS basketball may be rebuilding (after losing 3 McDonald All-American nominees and all 5 regular starters!) but, with Saadiq Bello, David Tucker, and a couple of nice transfers, they will be fine – academically and athletically.

  25. New Garden will have a nice five but no depth at all. Adam Coble and Kanayo Obi-Rapu will be nice as an inside outside tandem. Ingram and Morgenstern will fill it up from the wings. Clyburn was definately a last minute dissapointment but several others are still looking. Coach Secor will do a good job with this new group. These young men all know each other and have played together.

    NGFS is a great small school and this program will, over time, develop nicely.

  26. “I guess I am the only one who thinks this is insane”

    insanity times 10. all for HS BB. but if you can find a place to play and be seen, might be worth it- scholly at d3 or d2. too bad that these privates allow a re-class. thats your problem. stop this non-sense and you stop most of the transfers. But if you are a private, you get a 2-1 kid(diversity and a playa) . All privates look for diversity more than anything but $$$$!!!!!

  27. By complaing about reclassing you are putting all of your emphasis on basketball. It has a lot of positives for the kids, hence why so many are doing it. Hurt public school basketball? Sure. However, if the emphasis should be academics like you say, what is the negatives for the kids and families doing it? Better education, less distractions in private schools, and an extra may allow them to go to school for free when they wouldn’t have otherwise. If it shouldn’t be about basketball then don’t make it about basketball.

    The good private schools around here don’t have to recruit. Look around the whole state, look at where most of the top ranked players go to school.

  28. Did Michael Jordan reclass or transfered to try and make his stock better? I heard he got cut from his highschool team. Is that true? Boy, I bet his parents started making calls and started to complain about the coach! Oops! I almost forgot, he even went to a school that was already loaded and boy I bet he was worrying about minutes! Or how little he could do to get a starting position because afterall, wasn’t he RANKED!

  29. Michael Jordan is the example you come up with to refute my point? Please name a negative of a kid reclassing other than it hurts his previous school. Lots of good players don’t reclass. But lots of good ones do. See: John Wall, who was practically unknown until he reclassed, who got cut from the team at Broughton. Since we are throwing out NBA players and all.

  30. These kids are getting used. Entertain the fans and diversify the student body. Nothing more. If they would have to sit out a year, it would end this non-sense. If your kid is 6 or 7, hold him back then. Don’t humilitate the kid by making him repeat a grade in HS. If 2 years of kindergarten are not for you, make the move in 8th grade and head over to GDS or the HP schools. No one will know you and you should be able to fit right in. theres a kid that plays babeball and he just move him from WCA to WCD so he play over there. 2 Year of 8th grade. This kid looks like he in in 12th grade already. others are going 1 year 8th public then 8th private then back to public 9th so they can still have there 4 years eligilbility. these are crazy times for athletics and the publics are losing out big time

  31. @ green n gold…these kids are the ones who are reaping all the benefits of a private school education. If you think the kids are being used something is wrong with you and obviously from your spelling and sentence structure, you do not value education

    How great would GDS, WCA,HPCA look on your transcript than Dudley, Grimsley or Smith. I would rather my child re-class under my supervision than to go away to college unprepared only to return and go to community college or not go back at all. It is just pure ignorance on some of these people who have a problem with private schools. This world is global so try to think past the street your high school is on.

    Also,if you were having open heart surgery…would you want a surgeon that graduated from Duke, Columbia or Yale or a doctor from UNC-G, Guilford College or NC Central.

    By no means am I saying that those schools are not capable of graduating top physicians to med school but let’s keep it real….it some cases it does matter where you come from.

    I am also not saying that public schools aren’t graduating great kids but not nearly as many as a private school.

  32. @RUCRAZY- reaping an education when they are there only 1 or 2 years? are you crazy? maybe if they go in in 8th or 9th grade. they are there to play basketball or baseball-entertain!! diversify the campus. these guys are not your doctors or lawyers!!! they r going to d2 or d3 if lucky d1 but not because of brains but becasue they can dunk a ball or block a shot or hit a HR. they would have gotten same offers in publics. offers come from the AAU or Showcase circuit not from playing private school ball. Lets get real here.

  33. @GreenNGold…I never said these students were doctors or lawyers I was merely saying that sometimes it does matter where you come from. So what if the schools have a motive..the kids are benefiting. So what if they only go D2 or D3 at least they go to college. Bottom line the kids are transferring and there’s nothing anyone can do about it and if nothing else they getting something out of the 1 or 2 years. Even if its just better study habits that will carry through college. Stop hating on these kids who are at least trying to get as much as they can in the amount of time they have.

  34. Bottom line. Frank Eaves is a better ball player then Jackson Kent. These daddy coaches need to let it go. If Jackson is so good, why is he reclassing?
    The truth was revealed. Now he plays for someone his dad groomed. Watch how everything will revolve around J.K.

  35. Why would private school get rid of a rule that helps their enrollment? They benefit from it. They need tuition to stay in business

  36. I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks that the private school are using the youngsters and that is the end of the conversation. The truth is that yes, the schools are benefiting but so are the students. This is a winning situation for everyone. Diversity improves, the schools benefit financially and are able to spend money on education and more and more young people are getting into nice colleges. Someone please explain to us why this is a bad thing. This system has worked nicely for years.

    Oh yeah, and the good public school soaches continue to win. Just look at Grimsley and at Page.

  37. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Tracy Gathings and Drew Williams from Smith? I heard early in the summer that they were considering a move.

  38. Ya’ll need what we have over hee-uh in Tann-a-cee.

    The TSSAA controls everything — both public schools and private schools. The private schools have not broken away from TSSAA because they will lose the opportunity to play the public schools. On the flip side, since private schools are part of the same association as public schools, the public schools are more than willing to schedule the private schools. There is MINIMAL friction between the two groups.

    Once in high school, if you leave any TSSAA school for another TSSAA school (imagine if the NCHSAA and the private school league in NC were combined), you would have to sit out an entire year of varsity sports.

    We also have an 8-semester rule that starts when a kid reaches 9th grade. The 7th and 8th semesters of athletic eligibility are consecutive.

    If a kid re-classes in 7th grade or 8th grade after passing that particular grade — and if he or she plays sports during the year that he or she is repeating — will have to sit out of all sports in the 9th grade.

    And last, all financial aid must be need-based — independently verified by a 3rd party — or the student can’t play varsity sports. We had a cross country team down in Chattanooga that had 4 runners who could run a 5K under 17:00, and since all of them had received merit aid at their school, they had to run for the JV team. The school’s JV team was faster than any varsity team in the state.

    Rules like these are why our high school teams pretty much rarely get into the national rankings, but it creates a level playing field.

  39. This is crazy

    First- these kids are getting a good education or a chance to fix a previous issue
    2nd- some need an extra year to mature
    3rd- some have bad hs or aau coaches and need another year to get the recruitment part right
    4th- so what if private schools recruit, we have the best basketball players in the state
    5th- Why are we blaming freddie johnson? GDS is the only option in greensboro until New Garden started being serious about basketball.

    These people made moves that they feel are best for them,

  40. I would like to see a kid who takes the opposite approach and stay where they are at and continue to do well versus following the crowd. In fact that kid may stick out even more because the market will be too flooded other wise on the private sector. Sure play during the summer but show your character by sticking to that which you originally commited too and making it work. I believe that you will become a better person for it irregardless of whether you got an offer or not.

    Just about everyone that reclasses is thinking they are pro bound if reality is told.

  41. This is all funny. And mhoops “Ingram and Morgenstern will fill it up from the wings” What kind of a schedule does New Garden play??? Last year there Varsity played Burlington Christian’s JV team. I hope they can put up 20 a game against the likes of the Math and Science school.

  42. In response to the comment that the private schools make money off the players. Most if it not all of the new students do not pay full tuition at the private school they are attending (HPCA or WCA). Secondly, every student that the school gains that is not paying full tuition lose at lest one that is paying full tuition. In my opinion every player that goes to a private school to reclass is a Fake, Phoney and Fraud. I will address that issue another time.

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