Tickets now On Sale for Dudley at Ragsdale for this Friday

Courtesy of Glen Locklear Ragsdale High School Athletic Director….

Tickets for the Dudley at Ragsdale football game will be presold in Ragsdale’s front office Wednesday through Friday.


  1. Better get them early and get there early. It’s the first home game for Ragsdale and Dudley always brings a big crowd.

    With all the school construction going on at Ragsdale it looks like a natural disaster hit the place. Was there at open house last night and it was hard to fathom how rough it’s going to be on the kids and teachers this year. Kind of sucks my son has to spend his senior year like that.

    Anyway – parking will be hard to come by. My favorite parking space for late arrival and quick and easy get away has been cut off from the field. Going to be a lot of frustrated people getting in the game late and getting out of the parking lot late because of the parking situation.mark

  2. Parking is non-existant. Get there by 7 and try the baseball parking lot. If not park on the back side of the old middle school, which is now part of the high school. If that is full, park across the street at GTCC. Apologies to our Dudley friends.

    Unbelievable what the kids and teachers will endure this year.

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