JV Football Tonight for 8/25/11

*****All games set to kickoff at 7pm*****

Page at Northern Guilford
Ragsdale at Dudley
Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford
Northeast Guilford at Southeast Guilford
High Point Andrews at Smith
Southwest Guilford at Eastern Guilford
Grimsley at Morehead
Asheboro at High Point Central
Southern Guilford OPEN

*****Please send us your scores here to the site tonight, so we can track what is going with our local teams…..*****


  1. I understand that the JV game tonite between Page and Northern is going to be played at Kernodle Middle School. Why is that ? I thoght Northern had a field. Are they JV’s not good enought to play on their own field. Unbelievable

  2. I heard they did not want to open up at home with a JV Game.
    They are going to open up with the Varsity Game and save the field.

  3. Is their field that precious? How come other schools do not do that? Looks like the administration woulld not allow it. Looks like they would have more respect for their JV’s than that.

  4. That’s Northern for you……Their JV’s are nothing more than Blocking Dummies for Varsity! Johnny Roscoe Strikes again!!!! BTW Northern’s field sucks anyway so why are they wanting to keep JV’s off it? I hope Page beats them by 60 tomorrow night!!!! HAHAHA!!!

  5. that doesn’t make any sense does the Middle school have the seating for a JV game?

  6. Page hasn’t lost a game in somthing like 3 years on the JV’s…..Could Northern be ready to present a challenge tonight at Kernodle and you would think Kernodle would have a real good field, cause they have had some real good teams in the past several years…..One of NWG’s backup QB’s, Mark Murphy was over at Kernodle last year and he may be the starting QB on JV at NWG this year……

    Was at Northern last year for the Dudley game and the field looked pretty good…..TJ Logan and Daniel Downing on offense will present a challenge to Page tomorrow night and Mark Mitchell, Jon McBeth, Tre’ Purcell and Sam Parker are very solid Nighthawk players too….Coach Roscoe knows how to get a lot out of his team and he is in the South Carolina High School Football Hall of Fame and had a very successful career as a player here at our local Guilford College and he is in the Guilford College Hall of Fame too…..Very successful career…..

    Should make for a very exciting game at Page with the Northern Guilford Nighthawks coming in on Friday night and should be a very good game for both schools and don’t be surprised if the gate is not one of the top paid gates for a Page game this season….The fans are really going to turn out and they should be treated to a great game no matter who they are pulling for……

    The Northwest Guilford JV’s are still on a tear too and have not lost a game in over 3 years…..Spoke with of their players yesterday, Ryan Gravley and they are looking forward to a big game tonight with Western Guilford…..Ryan plays along the offensive and SHOUT OUT too, for Ben Yates on the offensive line for the Varsity team at NWG……Starting to learn more of those offensive linemen’s names…….

  7. I do not know why you (Just Saying!!) are so intent on constantly bashing the Northern football program. Get a life or at least post some comments that have some value.

  8. My son played on Kernodle’s field for 2 years & while it is probably one of the better middle school fields in the county, that doesn’t make it okay for Northern’s JV to be relegated to a middle school field because Coach doesn’t want them on the field before a varsity game. I hope this is merely a bad rumor. Is it not common sense to understand that these JV kids are your future Varsity team?! Disrespectful to the players of both teams & their families! As far as seating capacity, Kernodle could not begin to accommodate the NWG fans in attendance last Thurs. at their 1st JV home game! Surprised that Will Lane, Northern’s principal & former Kernodle principal, would endorse this.

  9. The Northern field had some new sod placed a couple weeks back (GCS was slow to act) thus the reason the JV game this week and next will be played at Kernodle.

  10. R U Kidding ? Really !?!?!? Disrespectful to the teams and their families ?? If the field is not ready to be played on, it is a safety issue for all the players. New sod takes a little time to be sturdy enough to play on and I would be happy if I was a parent or player that I would not be playing on a field that had the potential to be unsafe. This would be the only reason they would not be playing on it. Northern is proud of all of their teams and would love to host this game I am sure.

  11. It’s not GCS that pays for the new Sod It’s the Northern Guilford Athletic Dept. So before you go Bashing GCS about dragging their feet again you might want to go give the AD @ Northern a call they are responsible for the fields at their school! Trust me the field is safe they just don’t want to tear it up before they play NW Guilford at home.

  12. Wow, this is VERY inconvenient. Does the stadium have home and away seating? What about a press box?

  13. My question is.. Why is northern laying down sod in the first place? Why didn’t they lay grass seed and fertilizer at the beginning of spring like every other school? Chris Hughes and I drove out to Northern about a month ago to take some pictures of the stadium and there were several large spots on the field that were filled with sand. Why didn’t they fix those in late March/early April? Seems like they dropped the ball on this one and waited til the last minute to lay down sod… At Page the coaches play a large role in how the field looks and painting the field.

  14. So does just about every coaching staff in Greensboro. You can blame nobody but the Northern staff if the field is not ready. I know High Point hires an outside company to take care of the field. their stadium is kept up by the City of HP.

  15. Not bashing Northern, but they must wait tp the last minute to get fields ready. Their baseball field use to look good when I thinkl it was Coach Smith that looked after it. A baseball parent told me last week that the fields were in awful shape. This is the first time in my life I have ever seen a high school jv game moved to a middle school. What nerve

  16. When you’re practicing so late in the season because your so deep in the playoffs each year it takes a toll on the turf!
    Some coaches just have way more time to work on their fields than Coach Roscoe!!


  17. So you’re saying that Northern Guilford practices on their stadium field? And also, Head Coaches usually don’t work on the field.. mostly its the assistants. Oh by the way, Northern has only gone deep in the playoffs once.. not sure where you’re getting “each year” from..

  18. Joe,

    How does the Page JV look this year? Did a lot of last year’s players return to the field? How did they do against Northern tonight?

  19. NW 23
    WG 8 F
    Congrats to NW, but customarily a team that is up 23-8 and less than a minite to play, please take a knee and have a little class.

  20. Actually Page’s JV doesn’t have very man kids from last years team. The RB AJ Capel and the WR/CB Jalen Gavin is one of them though. There are more but they weren’t major contributors.

    Tonight Page won 20-0 against Northern Guilford. Very nice shutout. Northern had the ball 1st and Goal at around the 5, and Page held them in the 3rd quarter.

  21. The new AD at Northern has worked hard on the field. It was even closed for lacrosse play last spring. He had to move the sprinklers around daily to try to get water to it. Finally, since the underground watering sytem designed by the architect was not working, we were able to get a water wheel. This has made the watering easier. We have worked with two different lawn care type companies to try to get the field in good shape. It was determined that with the heat and lack of rain this year; it just wasn’t going to happen in time for the football season. So, the decision to put down sod was made and it takes at least one month for it to take root enough to play on. The decision to play at Kernodle has nothing to do with anything other than safety for the players and getting the sod established on the field. Please do not make assumptions (you know what they say) about what is going on at Northern. We all want to get all the teams playing in the stadium.

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