High School Football Scores on the site tonight

We will have all the scores here on the site, for you tonight and Jim Modlin will contacting you to get those scores, or you will be texting or calling Jim with your updates….

No radio tonight, will be at Greensboro Grasshoppers game to complete obligations for the baseball season there, but will have the Greensborosports.com scoreboard locked and loaded for tonight, so send us your scores and be sure to check to check out the site throughout the night, to get all the up- to- the- minute information…..

We will be at the site up to midnight after the games, so weigh in with your comments and thoughts on tonight’s matchups and that Page-NG game ought to be a real good one and Dudley-Ragsdale, WG-NWG, SEG-NEG, HPA-Smith and others ought to be ringing the bell too……Several sites, including Carolina Preps.com have the PAGE-NG listed as the top game in the state for tonight…….


  1. I kind of miss not knowing who everyone else on the board is picking. We all know of course know who Bisonhead, 77Hairnet, Demon, and Underdoggies is picking. It there a way to publish the list or maybe compile it? Although donut honors is nice It is no fun poking each other if we don’t know who picked who on Friday night.

    You know where I will be tonight Andy. You have my number but I don’t have yours or Don’s to call me or text me if you want a score update or I will post it here after the game is someone has not posted it already.

    I think there are going to be some surprises tonight.

  2. We will soon have it set up where you can see the picks on the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Contest link…..You will be able to vote and to also view the othes choices…..

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