New High School Football Poll for Week Two of the 2011 Season

Here is our newest poll for Week #2 in Guilford County….

2)Northwest Guilford(1-0)
4)Northern Guilford(0-0)
5)Northeast Guilford(1-0)
6)Southern Guilford(1-0)
8)Southeast Guilford(1-0)
9)High Point Andrews(1-0)
11)High Point Central(0-1)
12)Western Guilford(0-1)
13)Southwest Guilford(0-1)
14)TIE:Grimsley(0-1) and Eastern Guilford(0-1)


  1. There is no way Dudley should be behind NE or Southern. Andrews and HPC are both better than those teams also.

  2. Maybe Dudley should be at the 5 spot. However, tickets for the SEG Bandwagon will go up after tonight’s game. This junior class has done nothing but win since middle school.

  3. Maybe SEG can get over the hump this year with this Junior class. They need to beat a Page or Dudley to get there. They had Smith against the ropes last season. They arent a push over anymore thats for sure.

  4. Ha..ha..

    Funny poll is funny…

    Actually you guys were much too generous to HPC I think we are the worst team in Guilford County this season. lol, Or maybe I’m just setting you guys up for some crow to be served later on this season just like last year!!!

  5. If Dudley beats Ragsdale they’ll be moving up and if SEG gets past NEG, then SEG will really be moving up…….I’m here to tell you, Southern Guilford has a great shot to beat NEG this year…….

  6. Panther5Lyfe……
    Those are the only two teams SEG JV lost to when this current class of Juniors were Freshmen. This could be an interesting season. There are no superstars on the SEG, just a bunch of good kids who play well together. Tonight’s game will be a good indication of where this team is headed. They have a chance to shake it up, but definitely need to beat Dudley at Dudley to compete with the big boys. A victory there would build confidence for that last game of the year at Page.

  7. dudley who heck they should not be on here talking about them ragsdale jut beat the heck out of them so stop talking smack NE RAMS would kill dudley
    and se just lost to ne so check ur ticket sales rams put a#% whippn on them

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