Checking up on last night’s picks and the (7-1) mark is a nice rebound

Missed the perfect (8-0) by one point and hey, (7-1) is much better than last week’s (5-3) and maybe we are starting to get a feel for this year’s teams and what they are ready to show us this season…..

Picks in bold from last night:

W Northern Guilford at Page
W Dudley at Ragsdale
W Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford
W Southeast Guilford at Northeast Guilford
W Smith at High Point Andrews
L Eastern Guilford at Southwest Guilford EG takes it 21-20…..
W Morehead at Grimsley
W High Point Central at Asheboro


  1. We all know you are THE MAN. My record is awful as usual. I don’t need donuts anyway since I am trying to maintain my “ideal” weight. Give em to UU since she needs to carb up for some upcoming anthem singing.

  2. Every man or woman needs a doughnut and a dream…Just Ogi Overaman, that was his theme, “A Doughnut and a Dream”…..

  3. My picks were just….HORRIBLE!

    For this week, I think I’m going to put a little more thought into my picks instead of going with the teams with the prettiest helmets! (My husband used to HATE when I did that!!)

    Good job on your pics Andy! BTW–If you get full after a couple of them DDDDD’s….cyber me one or two will ya?

  4. I don’t know how good those KK donuts will be shipped overseas but you deserve them and all our thanks for your service.

  5. @ Gfan–

    I just noticed your comment. Thanks for the nod but I think I’ll need to start a page and title it “My quest to sing the national anthem at a Page Pirate home game before my son graduates, marries, have children of his own and they go to Page.”


  6. Underdogs,

    Still trying to sing the anthem. Well, you have my thought. @GFan, there is a halfway house in Greensboro I was planning on donating them to if I win. That place is one of the best kept secrets in town because residents stay out of major trouble.

  7. @ Damon–

    I’m not too good with football picks but if I win, I will donate mine in your name. (Well, half of ’em anyway)

  8. UU I think you should start a blog entitled “It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”. If fat is not appropriate then substitute whatever other phrase that is the most flattering.

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