Burlington Williams quarterback Harry Cohen dies Monday evening at UNC Hospital

from www.digtriad.com:

Burlington, NC — Burlington Williams High School quarterback Harry Cohen died Monday evening at UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill.

Alamance Burlington School System released this statement about Cohen’s death Monday night: “We are extremely saddened to confirm that Harry Cohen, Williams High senior, passed away this evening at approximately 8:00 p.m. at Children’s Hospital at UNC. We ask for your continued support, your thoughts and your prayers for Harry’s family, the Wiliams High football team, and for the entire extended school community”.

Cohen led the Williams High School football team to a 27-17 victory over Southern Alamance, Friday night.

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  1. Wow. Words cannot express my shock and sadness. May the Lord be with that family and the community.

  2. Sad day for the Triad area High School football community. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Harry Cohen. While we do battle under the lights on Friday nights we are all united as family in this game we all love. Rest In Paradise Harry

  3. NOT GOOD…My heart goes out to the family and to the team…I’m very sorry for your loss…

  4. Thoughts and Prayers go out to the family, friends, and team from the Vikings.

  5. I’m always proud of the way our people who come by this site react to tragedy in the community….Whether it be the death of Matt Gfeller a few years back or the tragic death of Scotty Wayne from Southern Guilford, eveyone always responds in a very uplifting way and that is a good thing….It is very sad thing to read of this young man’s death and we know for sure the love he had for life and the passion he had for the game of football….

    Our thoughts and prayers go out today to the Harry Cohen family and we will keep them in mind, as they deal with Harry’s death…..

    Over the years we have known many from the Burlington Williams Bulldogs sports community with their baseball coach and team from last season(2011), being very active with us here at the site….Basketball player and coach Tommy Cole, has been with the school there in Burlington for many, many years…..Long-time football coach, now retired, Sam Story has been an icon in the Burlington/Alamance community for over 40 years…..Bill/Biff Huff was the Williams radio man for nearly 40 years….Ogi Overman, local Jamestown News editor, is a native of Burlington and a graduate of Williams…..Some many ties that touch us here in our community and this death has touched us all all in some way….

    The ties run deep and we will keep the Harry Cohen family deep in our thoughts and concerns, as the Burlington Williams community and the Cohen family mourn over this loss…..The kid had a big smile on his face and you could tell he loved being around football and that he loved his teammates…When I first saw his photo, I said that kid looks like little Rocco Scarfone and I thought, crazy as it is, they were both quarterbacks too and our teams from Mid-State 3-A, in Northern Guilford and Eastern Guilford are involved here too, since they are like opponents of Burlington Williams, Harry Cohen’s team….This effects Northern and Eastern directly and especially Eastern, since Eastern Guilford is so close geographically to Burlington and Williams High School….They are just a few miles apart and many of the kids know each other and some play on the same baseball teams in the Summer….

    This effects us all and we have lost another promising young athlete, and again we will have the Harry Cohen family in our thoughts and prayers this week…..Maybe a bit long on this tribute, but it is good to speak what is on your mind and in your heart……

    RIP:Harry Cohen…..

  6. Thanks Andy for the kind words. Harry was an outstanding football and baseball player….he’s exactly what you wanted your players to act like on and off the athletic fields….my heart goes out to his family.

    For me personally, its been an honor to know, teach and coach Harry Cohen. My memories of Harry will always be that “big” smile he always wore on and off the field. He was a true BULLDOG!

    Please keep his family and our Bulldog family in your thoughts and prayers.

  7. On behalf of the Senior football players from Page High School, we offer our most sincere sympathies. May God be with his family, friends, students, faculty, football coaches and players during this difficult time.

    God Bless all of and and we will remember you in our prayers.


    A Page Pirate football mom.

  8. I sit here and read this in tears, words cannot express my sorrow. My thoughts and prayers go to the Cohen family and community,

    Vegas Mike

  9. It is never easy to lose a young person. It makes it especially hard since this kid was healthy,an athlete etc.No one would have ever expected this to happen to a seemingly healthy teenager. I am sure everyone that posts here their hearts go out to the Cohen Family.

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