Last game was HUGE for Burlington Williams quarterback Harry Cohen

Harry Cohen(Burlington Williams High School) passed away on Monday evening at the UNC Childrens Hospital, in Chapel Hill, N.C. and his last game as a Burlington Williams Bulldog was HUGE and a kid like this, with effort like this, can not be replaced…..His memory and this last game will live on Forever…..

from Jerome Richard at the Burlington Times-News:

It seemed nothing could wipe the smile off the face of Harry Cohen. Not the pinch by Sam Trevathan or the bear hug from Alex Gee.

Cohen’s smile was the result of the senior quarterback’s do-all game as he led Williams High School past visiting Southern Alamance 27-17 on Friday night.

Cohen rushed for 241 yards and a touchdown and passed for 107 yards in a game that he controlled with confidence and poise.

“Harry Cohen did a fantastic job running, throwing and directing the offense with a lot of poise,” Williams coach David Green said. “He’s doing exactly what I want out of the quarterback, and he’ll get better.”

After the non-conference victory at Burlington Memorial Stadium, Cohen stood talking when Trevathan and Gee playfully reminded him of their contributions to his success and the victory.

“I want a steak dinner,” Trevathan said.

“I have to feed my offensive line,” Cohen said. “I’ll take them to Zack’s or something.”

Cohen knew his success wasn’t all about him.

“The offensive line was opening huge holes that anyone could run through. The receivers were making downfield blocks and the coaches made good calls,” he said. “I give all the credit to them. They all helped me do what I did. It’s not all on me.”

Williams (2-0) dominated the offensive line of scrimmage, allowing Cohen to operate. Running back Avery Harris rush for 56 yards and had touchdown runs of 6, 7 and 2 yards. Williams’ athleticism was evident when it found seams in the Patriots’ defense, which it did often, and exploited them, especially receiver Malik Grice, who caught five passes for 81 yards.

“They are all seniors. They are big and they’ve been together for three years,” Southern Alamance coach Henry Trevathan said of the Bulldogs’ line, of which his son Sam Trevathan is the center. “They got us in space and they are more athletic than us out there. They are a senior team and played like a senior team.”

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  1. This article is heart wrenching… To read about this young man’s selflessness and how much he respected his fellow team mates warms my heart yet also makes me sad.

    I guess it’s true….Only the good die young!

    Sleep in eternal peace young man.

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