It’s all about Football and Family for the Greensboro Five at the Univeristy of California

Zach Maynard, Keenan Allen, Maurice Harris, Gabe King and Christian McCain are preparing for their college football season opener, at the University of California-Berkley and it should be a busy and successful year for the Greensboro Five……Maynard at QB, Allen at WR, Harris at WR, King at DE and McCain at LB, all are looking to see substantial playing time this season…..

CLICK HERE to read all about their upcoming college season….



    That’s right…rep ya boys!!! What’ll make this team intersting to watch over the next several years is that they have so many players from the same area. i think that when they form a bound or there’s familiarity with each other off the field, it will only enhance the performance on.

  2. The only one that Northern can say they pumped out is Harris.. Maynard went to Grimsley and the other 3 either came from Page or Grimsley. King never even played for Northern.

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