John Kasay will be kicking for New Orleans:The best Carolina Panther ever has gone to work for the Saints

Working for the Saints? What are you talking about Willis? This guy is a Saint……And he is the best-ever Carolina Panther player…..Not just their best-ever kicker, since he is the only one that they have ever had, but their best-ever player…..

Yes, better than Steve Smith, better than Kevin Greene, better than Muhsin Muhammad, better than Ricky Proehl, better than Brad Hoover, better than DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart, better than Jake Delhomme……

John Kasay is the best-ever Carolina Panther and he didn’t come with strings attached…..You never knew when Steve Smith was going to go off….He still might go off at any time….He could run routes and catch passes with the best in the NFL, but he might put one of his teammates in the hospital on the opening day of practice/training camp, if he decides he wants to hit his Panther teammate/teammates up side the head, when they are going one-on-one with pass defense, or when they are walking off the field at the end of a drill…..You didn’t want to turn your back on Mr. Smith…….

But in retrospect, look at this……Nobody can come close to what John Kasay has done and he did it with respect and dignity, and you don’t see that much, any more, in professional sports….Kasay treated his opponents and teammates alike, with respect and John Kasay was the mold for what you would want your team leader to be……He led by example and if you followed his example, you were headed into the right direction…..

Kasay the kicker is gone from the Carolina Panthers, but for a team that was at one time well-known for their exploits with characters such as Rae Caruth and Fred Lane, it is nice to see a man with character, a man/football player in John Kasay, come through the Carolinas and we were fortunate to have him come our way and to play for the Carolina Panthers…Thank-you John Kasay for the time you spent helping this team and for the time you spent helping to build character, within this franchise………

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