JV Football Tonight for 9/1/11

We have the games listed for you and be sure to get back with us tonight on your scores, so we can list them here at the site………

Northwest Guilford at Grimsley
Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford
Page at High Point Central
Western Guilford at Ragsdale
Southeast Guilford at Southern Guilford
Dudley at Northern Guilford
Southwest Guilford at Ledford
Thomasville at High Point Andrews(From Wednesday):
High Point Andrews 30
Thomasville 6


  1. Why is it that Northern will not play any of its JV games at home? Why have they been at their middle school? I noticed the same thing last week

  2. perhaps every team that visits northern this year should bring a couple of buckets of seed and fertilizer and have a ceremonial spreading (dumping) during pregame. along with a little rain, we can have that field looking great in no time. nothing like neighborly hospitality to promote sportsmanship. after all, the nighthawks supply the other schools with lots of nice fertile soil.

  3. I just heard that the game was called with 3 minutes left in the first quarter due to lightning. Page was winning 21-0. The game will not be resumed, Page wins.

  4. Didnt Guilford County put sod down on Northern’s football field twice already, and they still have problems with the field. Seems like to me they need someone better mainting their field if its not in good shape to play JV games their also. Guilford County wasted alot of money over at Northern Guilford

  5. RamFateful:
    The sod issue was from the beating NE took on the NG field last year…that much running up and down the field on you guys took it’s toll on the grass..It is finally growing back so thanks for not backing out and not scheduling us again.

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