New AP High School Football Poll with Page #4, HP Andrews #6, Durham Hillside #10 and NWG, NG, NEG and Ragsdale all get votes

We were just talking about Durham Hillside and there they are at #10 in the 4-A poll and Page is #4 in the 4-A’s and Ragsdale got votes, plus NEG and Northern Guilford got votes in the 3-A poll and High Point Andrews has moved all the way up to #6 in the 3-A poll and WS Carver is #1 in the state in the 2-A’s…..

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  1. Yeah, Page may be ranked #4 in this poll which (incidentally) speaks a lot, it seems to me that they STILL have to constantly prove their worth here in Guilford County..hence the name, Underdogs Unite!!!
    I still, after posting on this site for better than a year, find it hard to fathom how people can throw darts specifically at kids!! Sure, light bantering is good for conversation and sport but sometimes, (IMO) people take it to the extreme left when they’re behind the realms of anonymity with their computer(s).
    Andy—I enjoy your posts. I like how you can always find SOMETHING positive to say about any given team on any given day and even if you post something, it’s in a way which is NOT attacking the young men who undoubtedly work so very hard to be the best they can be.

    OK….Carry on……

  2. Page is ranked 1st in Guilford County. How much higher do you think they deserve? They are in every paper front and center, plenty of coverage, all the talk of the websites. Not sure how much more adulation they could get.

    Unite, glad to see you are doing well .

  3. UU I have to agree with 1st. I also hope they do well in the coming weeks and I want them to quickly move to #1 in the state because I want their first loss to be to Grimsley. 🙂

  4. Y’all leave UU alone. He’s already worrying about how far Page will drop when Ragsdale knocks some of the shine off their luster when they beat them… AGAIN…LIKE ALWAYS.

  5. I’m hoping Ragsdale beats up on Page this week as well. I’m tired of hearing their fans talk like they are the greatest team to ever play high school football. Page might beat up on them sorry teams in the Metro but won’t last long if they go 4AA again!

  6. Agree,

    If Page can’t last in the 4AA, then I definitely know your team couldn’t. There aren’t many teams around here that can handle the 4AA. When the top tier schools in the 4AA average 2800 people then its hard to compete with those numbers. I believe NWG may be the only school around with those kind of numbers or close to those numbers.

    Page has gotten enough hype though, and they need to keep proving every week that it was deserved.

    Last comment though is that y’all can stop being haters and whiners. BOO HOO, why is Page getting more coverage? BOO HOO, why don’t Andy talk about my team? My goodness, you all sound like a bunch a three year olds wanting a lolipop and your mom gave it to your older brother instead.

  7. Not certain, but based on previous post, I believe that UU is not a he, but is a she! Thank you 1st & Agree!!! for your truthful words. As fans, we are ALL proud of our teams (through thick & thin), yet UU is constantly singling out her beloved Pirates as if they wrote the book on “How to be the Perfect Team”! No such thing exists! I applaud you for your passion. I feel ya! It’s still early, let’s talk about the game, make our predictions & go out & show our passion under the lights on Friday Night! Got a lot of fellas wearing the Pirates’ jersey this year that I wish nothing but the best, but when we go head-to-head, they’re the enemy! NOTHING LIKE IT!! Believe me, if you truly understand the game, you know that Page is deep in talent & a really good team . . . and there’s a FEW more out there like ’em! BTW, I need your boys to beat those Tigers! 😉

  8. To Agree – Don’t know what you were reading but gotta speak up for 1st – facts are facts! No haters, no whiners!

  9. Can say I’m surprised hearing all of the Page haters talk about how Page can’t make it in the 4AAs. Umm….with the pod system, Mallard Creek and Butler will likely knock each other out with Richmond being put in a separate pod. Page looks like they are on a mission this year. Don’t hype them too much but don’t tear them down. They have no losses. Ya know people were saying the same stuff when Northern came to play Page and we saw the result. I think Page beats Ragsdale by at least 10. Heck, Page had Ragsdale last year but a combination of unwarranted penalties and poor coaching choked that game away. As far as ranking are concerned, the only ones that truly matter will be at the end of the year when someone grabs that 4A/4AA title. So all Page needs to do is take it one game at a time.

    Just to check facts, the schools with the most students don’t necessarily have the state’s best programs. North Meck and Myers Park are both near 3,000 students if not over but football is irrelevant there. We saw the fall of Independence (5-7 last yr). Butler is at about 2,600.

  10. To Jonathan,

    You are absolutely correct when you say just because they have large numbers dont mean they will field good teams. Be honest though and lets talk about demographics as well. Myers Park, North Meck, and Ardrey Kell don’t exactly post a very diverse population at those schools.

    Page and Dudley could combine and make that 2800 total, or a Page and Northeast could combine and make that same total, and I’d love to put them up against anyone. So, to be fair we can talk numbers and demographics. I’d put a Page/Dudley team up against anyone in the state and even up against other schools in the nation.

  11. Btw, until the official ADMs come out, Page could very well be small 4A. Page had the highest number of students in the county graduate last year (I think somewhere around 450+ kids) and I’ve also heard that the freshman class is a bit smaller this year then it has been in the past 3-4 years. If the ADM number for Page can get down around 1825 (as opposed to 1950+), they could go small 4A.

    We all know how much more watered down small 4A is compared to 4AA. Teams like Davie and HPC made a run last year in small 4A. Teams like that would lose in the first round in 4AA.

  12. Me thinks Summers & Co will have a very good game against Ragsdale but……. the Tigers will win 31-28….no Red Death this Friday.

  13. OK…OK….enough talk. (This is coming from a girl in a den of men…….)

    “Offense sells tickets but defense wins games!”

    I will see you guys on Friday night. Drop by the visitor’s section to say hello. I’ll be the one with the Page Pirate shirt on.


    See you guys!

  14. I am going to try and make it to that game. My son’s best friend is playing for Page this year. I hate to use names on this board.

    If it is half as good as the SEHS vs SG game last week it will be well worth the price of admission.

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