Eric Cunningham and Gate City Blind Bowlers headed to Malaysia

I spoke to Eric Cunningham, a couple of weeks back by phone and he was real excited about his upcoming trip to Malaysia, for the World Bowling Championships….

The event will be held on October 8 and Eric will leave from the Triad on October 6 for the Championships…He has been bowling at his home base since he was in the 5th grade and Eric tells us he has been hitting those lanes hard, at Gate City Lanes, going back to when Gate City was in it’s early stages, as Buffalo Lanes……

Gate City Lanes will be assisting Eric in his travel efforts, as he represents the United States, in Malaysia, for the World Championships of Blind Bowling….

There will be 15 different coutries in Malaysia on October 8, when all the action gets started….The total tournament will be running October 8-16 in Malaysia….

Eric Cunningham, the son of Lonnie Cunningham, is an 1997 graduate of Dudley High School, and his brother Jonathan, excelled on the basketball team over at Smith, with the Golden Eagles….

Eric’s US team at the World Championships will be made up of 6 bowlers and Eric hails from Gate City Lanes and he is a part of the Gate City Blind Bowlers League…..They all bowl on Thursday nights at Gate City Lanes and at age 33, Eric is looking forward to making his first visit to the World Champiosnships, in Malaysia…..

The weekends are also a busy time for Eric and his team, at the Gate City Lanes, on Hornaday Road, near Guilford College-Jamestown Road and right off of Highway 40-West……..

Many hours of work and practice have gone into Eric Cunningham’s quest to be World Champion and we hope to have more on this conquest, as the event draws nearer,,,,,

We hope to be in contact with Eric Cunningham again next week, so stay tuned and take a trip out to Gate City Lanes when you get a chance, it’s the perfect answer to a Weekday evening or a day-long stop for weekend recreation………