High School Football Games to watch for next week

Smith(0-3) at Dudley(0-4)
Page(4-0) at Western Guilford(0-4)
Grimsley(1-3) at Southeast Guilford(3-1)
Burlington Willams(3-1) at Northern Guilford(2-1)
Eastern Alamance(3-1) at Eastern Guilford(2-2)
High Point Andrews(3-0) at Southwest Guilford(2-2)
Glenn(2-2) at Northwest Guilford(3-1_
Ragsdale(3-1) at WS Parkland(2-1)
High Point Central(2-2) at East Forsyth(3-1)
Orange(TBD) at Southern Guilford(2-1)
Northeast Guilford(OPEN/BYE/IDLE)…..(Facing three un-tested opponents in the same week.)