Football in Foucs tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace starts at 6pm

Another Thursday night and it is time to head on back over to the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace….

We will get started at 6pm with those Ribs, Chicken, BBQ, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, BBQ Sandwiches, BBQ Chicken and Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Okra, Potato Salad, Salad Greens, Brunswick Stew, Macaroni and Cheese and other fine items on that Shane’s menu….

Try their Iced Tea and all the desserts like Cobbler, Brownies and Cookies…..

With us tonight we are planning to have on board Brandon Banks, Ray Bridges, Herbert Bridges and Justin Hensley from Southwest Guilford….The Cowboys are facing unbeaten High Point Andrews, in the SWG Homecoming tomorrow night…..

From Smith HS we hope to see Myles Morris, Marlon Hughes or Khalen Pratt…..Smith has Dudley, on Friday night at Dudley…..

We have a 6pm start time tonight and we hope to see you all there…..All of the players that is and the rest of you are welcome to stop by, but if you can’t make it, then you can catch us LIVE or with the recorded version of the Football in Focus Show, when you CLICK ON the icon for the show, here at the top of the Home Page……


  1. This question is for Andy or anyone that knows, when was the last time a team from Guilford County was banned from the playoffs for fighting? or is Southwest Guilford the only team it has happened too, just wondering

  2. I got kicked out of a game back in high school for fighting and it should have been for kicking…..I kicked two Southeast Guilford players/offensive linemen up side the head while they were laying on the ground and they gave all three of us the boot….I told my coach it took two of them to get me out of there, but he was not really impressed….Back in that day it was just a penalty….No suspension….

    What do the officials expect? Our key word of the week which we yelled at the end of each practice and before we took the field for a game was “Kill”, “Hit” and other similar slogans such as that….Kill or be killed that is the name of the game……This is a violent game and what do you call fighting?

    You can get hurt worse making a hard tackle or on a block than you can punching someone up side the helmet….

    I remember one game I tried to tackle the referee, cause the coach taught us to tackle anything that moved…..

    Everyhing about football is hit…..Hit, Hit, Hit, Kill, Kill, Kill…….That is what they teach you…..In practice I would even tackle the coaches because that is what they said to do….That said hit and that is what we/I did….I remember one time up in Virginia, I tried to drive/block a coach into the James River and that was in college….

    The coaches said hit and this is what you get…….Football is a violent sport and what really constitutes fighting? You have protective equipement on and you are taught to fight…..

    May the best man win…..We have been taught to fight and to kill and you want us to lay of the quarterback? In practice I told the coach one day, starting QB safe, #2 man dead, Dead Man……And he should have been…..We needed just one man back there because we weren’t going allow him to get hurt….We had been taught to kill anyone that came in our neighborhood remember?

    This is rough stuff and to survive you have to be able to take a few hard knocks…..It is all part of the game……

  3. Again, this is a very violent sport. Coaches teach violent hitting and you have to, to survive out there. Football is the roughest sport there is and hockey may be on the same level, but you can skate away or you can stand in there and go toe to toe…..Word of the Week, Hit…..Word of the Week, Kill…..Word of the Week, Stick……

    How can you play this sport and not be aggressive????? We are kicking kids out of a game for fighting and the whole premise of the game is “Kill”……If you are ready you can take it, if not head back to the kitchen and grab a Betty Crocker Cookbook……..

  4. BTW, the coach I went after up by the River in Virginia was Phil Murphy, former defensive back at the University of Alabama…..He said carry out or hold the block and that is exactly what I did….We need more of that today…..Go to you hear the whistle and I mean the whistle that ends the game or practice….

    The coach said block and that is what I did…Good man and I followed his orders…..Isn’t that what you are taught to do?

  5. Southwest Guilford guys showed up late due to a family emergency and we will have to try and have them back over again next week…..Ray and Herbert came by and we were packing up….Good to meet them and hope to see them next week at 6……

  6. Can we please move on from the SW playoff suspension talk please! The coaches have moved on the players have moved on. It’s in the past. Let the kids and there coaches move on. Mistakes were made and they served their suspension. The Southwest TEAM has moved on. Let it go already.

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