Four South Carolina high school football players suspended for fight after their game with flying helmets and “Get back, get back”(We have the video)

from the Charlotte Observer and the Rock Hill Herald and you have to check out that WILD video from the fight scene with, “Get Back, Get Back” and the flying helmets……

ROCK HILL The Rock Hill school district has suspended four football players from school and sports – two from Rock Hill High and two from South Pointe High – for roles in the fight after the game between the two teams at District Three Stadium, said Lynn Moody, district superintendent.

After district athletic and administrative officials reviewed the game films and talked with students, the decision was made to suspend students, Moody said. It appears that the altercation after the game started when a player from Rock Hill High “pushed or shoved” a South Pointe player, Moody said, and a different South Pointe player retaliated.

Another South Pointe player then threw an elbow at a Rock Hill player, after which a Rock Hill player threw a helmet.

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