No Middle School Football Games for today

Looks like everything was cancelled for today and No Middle School Football Games, on this Wednesday…..

How do they make these games up? The JV’s use many of the same fields on Thursdays and the Varsity teams will take the center stage and tackle the turf on Fridays, when do they make up these Middle School rain outs?

I was headed over to Grimsley for the Kiser-Aycock contest and the rains came in the games were out of the question……It didn’t help at that the rain was preceeded by lightning and other storm related interference, that causes the Athletic Directors and football coaches to take notice…..Kiser is being coached by Ricky Lewis Sr. this year and they tell me that Kiser has turned it around, under the guidance of the elder Lewis……

I know for a fact the rainouts hurt the high school practices, especially when most teams are working on their defense today and putting in some new schemes, for Friday night..

Many times on rain days, the teams get stuck in the gym and there is a lot of standing around and waiting for something to happen…No delays or standing around back in the day, cause the coach knew the minute he saw rain what we would be doing in that gym, on a given rain day…..

Never did like those rain days….Always liked to get outside and breathe in the air, from the great out of doors and those suicides on the gym floor, with tennis shoes on for football practice, never really was my cup of tea…….

Give me that great outdoor feeling in the fall and a nice load of interval running drills at the end of practice….I was always good for 1st or 2nd in that end of practice running and you had to jog the sidelines and then sprint the end zones and that was my cup of tea and in turn, it was a piece of cake…..

Always liked those 100 yard sprints, as opposed to the 40-50 yard version that they gave you…Gives more time to get your motor running on those longer sprints and most guys tend to die out, after about 60-75 yards, but not my Old English bloodline….We could run all day and night, if you had the lights on dog……..

No games today and will they play tomorrow? We’ll have to wait and see, about the JV Games, for Thursday……