Russell Wilson says he wanted to come back to N.C. State for the 2011 season

He was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and Russell Wilson told the national audience, that he wanted to return to Raleigh, for his final college football season…..It did not work out and Wilson walked on in at Wisconsin and the Badgers are now ranked #5 in the country and the rest is modern-day history/folklore…..

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Raleigh, N.C. — Former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson said that after missing the Wolfpack’s spring practice while working out in the Colorado Rockies farm system, he still wanted to return to NC State, the place where he had started before and earned his degree.

“Coach (Tom) O’Brien thought it was in the best interest of North Carolina State for them to move on,” Wilson said on the Dan Patrick Show Monday. “I wanted to go back there.”

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  1. As I stated back in July and August, O’Brien’s decision to let Russell go is going to be the beginning of the end for this coach at NC State. I thought maybe O’brien would be fired at the end of 2012 but it may be December 2011 if they continue to look as bad as what they have shown after 5 games.

  2. Russell made the right decision or the right decision was made for him. Even if he helped produce 1000 yards of offense every game (which is unlikely given our offense) we still would have lost games without a defense. He is on the right team for him and NC State needs to get people healthy and rebuild for the rest of this year and next year. I don’t blame O’Brien for all this. There was much pressure for him to get his core offense organized and Russell was still out deciding whether he wanted to play pro baseball or football or transfer or whatever. Russell can say what he wants now but it was not clear earlier what his decision was going to be. If he would have made it clear early on then O’brien would not have been put in the difficult situation he was in.

  3. Russell has basically done the exact some thing for 2 years. The previous 2 years worked out great for NC State but O’brien could not do it again for a 3rd and final year. It was not like Wilson could do this again next year since his egibility was up. O’brien may have wanted what he wanted but you will not get high level (or even potential high level) recruits without winning. Last year was great and it was a sign that O’brien’s system may be taken hold with the majority of the players being his recruits. Also, keep in mind that Russell was not even O’brien’s recruit. Chuck was the one that brought Russell to State. So, now that O’brien has “his” guy in the fold, look where you are now. This is not Boston College and the State fan base is and will continue in growing numbers to turn against O’brien in record #’s with each passing week. UNC will likely win 9 games without a doubt, Wake will win at least 8 games without a doubt and even Duke will win at least 5 and a high potential for 6 wins with a bowl game. I do not think State will win more than 5 games at this rate and even if they get to 6 games it will be a crappy bowl game that will disguise the fan base (again). All of this will cause the better recruits to say screw State and go to other schools. Thus, with State being the only “unhappy” fan base all year, I believe this will push O’brien out as the university AD & president starts to get too much heat. The point is the “nail in the coffen” when Russell Wilson is a heishman finalists, Wisconsin gets 2 additional high profile game of the week type games, plays in the 1st Big Ten championship game, and goes on to play in either the Rose Bowl or (even worst for State) the National Championship game.

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