High School – College Football Picks – The Winners

This week, we started a new College Football Picks Contest, big thanks to Jim Modlin of the Rush for providing the weekly prize. We had a decent first week showing of contestants; but it seems like the college games are a lot tougher for most. Dennis Williamson correctly picked 10 of the 13 games. Mick Riggs also was 10 of 13; but his entry was later. We had a few missing 4; but most everyone else missed 5 or 6 games.

We will have another 13 games up this Thursday.

In our High School Picks, we were shocked at the number of folks giving Andrews the WIN after Carver won the game the night before. But it didn’t affect the overall contest. Brad Curtis was our earliest player with the MOST WINS this week. This week, it was truly the EARLY BIRD that got the worm as we have several contestants that matched Brad’s Winning Score; but he was the first. It was a tight race as nearly 3/4 of all contestants either tied for first, or were 1 game off.

We will have more games coming this Thursday.

Andy Durham will be in touch with our winners shortly.

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