Page Pirates still #2 in the state in the AP 4-A Football Poll

The Page Pirates(9-0) are still the #2 4-A team in the state of North Carolina, right in behind Charlotte’s Mallard Creek and other teams from our area are in the AP Polls, but not many…..WS Mount Tabor lost for the first time this past Friday night, as the Spartans fell to the Titans from West Forsyth, but Mount Tabor remains in the 4-A poll….

Burlington Cummings is in, in the 2-A poll and High Point Andrews still got votes after dropping their second straight game last week, at home versus WS Carver….The AP has HP Andrews with 11 votes and has HPA at (7-1), but they are really (7-2) and the AP might have missed that game from last week, since it was back on Thursday, instead of Friday…..

Either way/any how, check out the teams in this polls, when you CLICK HERE…….

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  1. Not a Northern Guilford at all but I have to wonder if the media around the state even remembers that Northern is in 3A. Defending state champs. Have only lost like five games since the school opened, 8-1 this year with the only loss to the #2 team in 4A, two other wins against 4A schools. What more do they have to do to get even enough votes to make the “also receiving votes” category?

  2. Not doing bad in the Carolina Preps Top 25 Poll at #15, but can’t seem to get a sniff in the AP Poll……They should at least be getting some votes of some sort in the AP Poll and maybe they’ll march through the 3-AA East in the playoffs like last year and get some of those writers’ attention then….Nighthawks in Conference Championship matchup at home with Western Alamance this Friday…

  3. Biting my tongue regarding the boastful we haven’t lost but 5 games since the school opened comment

  4. I’m sorry it’s six losses in four years. My bad. And boastful? I’m not even a fan. As a matter of fact I have a rather healthy dislike for Northern as a result of the whole Coach K and Coach O thing. I realize they didn’t really play many good teams the first year – but winning at an 88% clip and getting a state title against a historical powerhouse in it’s third year out of the gate gets my respect. It should get the respect of the media voting on these polls as well.

  5. Do these polls determine playoff seedings? If not, dont worry about the polls cause all is settled on the field!

  6. I agree. The polls don’t mean squat! Both these teams are good but both will go flat in the post season.

  7. Jason!!!!! Well, hello!

    It’s sooooo good to see you! It’s been a while since you’ve been here. I KNEW we’d been missing something here lately….just couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I remember….the negativity in have been sorely missed. Now that you’re back, life is great! Please don’t stay away so long. We need your negativity, school bashing and obvious lack of support each and every time you comment.
    BTW- not being the star athlete in high school must’ve really had an affect on your adulthood. Let it go….let it go.

  8. Northern is a 3A team that’s why they don’t get much coverage around here with all the 4A teams in this area. Best way to break it down……It’s like Boise State…….When they play teams Wyoming and New Mexico do you think their going to talk about them the same as they would an LSU, or Bama. Same with Northern….as long as they keep playing Morehead, and Rockingham you’re not going to get the coverage Page would when they play Dudley.

  9. Not being negative just stating what I feel based on other teams I’ve seen across the state. We get so caught up with the area teams we forget there are other very strong teams in the state that I feel would beat Northern and Page. I said I thought both teams were good and they are. I feel there are better teams out there. BTW- I was second team all-state when I played and was able to walk on and play four years at Southern Miss.

  10. Yeah…yeah…yeah..blah, blah, blah. Ooops, my bad! Didn’t know good ol’ Southern Miss had basket weaving as a sport! If you don’t think you come off negative in just about every one of your comments about our area schools and teams, you are in denial.

  11. @Jason Voorhees – These are the same statements you made last year and you were wrong! Just sayin!

  12. Well I have seen northern play and if you take away 2 key players, well just one then half the wins northern got this year would have been taken away. You know im sick of always hearing Northern people bragging about how good their football team is. Well I played for northeast all through highschool and I know how everybody feels about yall and its negative. Yall cheated in Basketball and tried to deny it but when the evidence came out there wasnt anymore denying it. Yall cheat in football by hiring players familes at the school so that there son can play on the team. I mean come on now I believe yall got about 100 janitors over there. Yall will get some respect when you stop acting like your unbeatable and showing off, because news flash any given friday night you can get that tail handed to you, and when yall play Western friday night you will find out. I mean good job yall beat Morehead, McMichael, Eastern Guilford, And Williams. How about yall go play teams like Reidsville?? or Burlington Cummings? or West Rowan? or Rocky Mount?. Yall would lose badilly thats why yall dont schedule teams like that…. Also respect means when your up by 50 some points you dont do onside kicks or keep all of the 1st string players on the field. Its called Sportsmanship and Character. Something that all these traditional schools like Northeast has. Its something money cant buy you.

  13. The teams that you ‘congratulated’ Northern on beating are all in their conference…..they have to play them each year (until next realignment perhaps). Their nonconference schedule includes Page, Dudley, and Northwest….I wouldn’t trade any of those local 4A schools to play Reidsville or Cummings. West Rowan and Rocky Mount would be good, but I doubt that the gate would be as good as playing the local competition, plus they are developing some great local rivalries. In end it’s high school football….the kids playing today can’t help what happened 5 years ago. Take a deep breath, and lets root for all of our local kids/teams as they represent our area in the playoffs.

  14. *smacks forehead with the palm of my hand*
    Oh lawd! How much longer will those student athletes have to pay for somethimg they obviously didnt make the decision to do? Place the blame where it belongs. Better yet, stop beating that dead horse. He’s dead and stinking!

  15. Brandon – you posting on this board and bashing Northern speaks volumes about your character and sportsmanship…it’s badilly
    Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent!

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