High School Baketball Tonight for 11/15/11 Finals

Wesleyan 88
Cary Academy 51


High Point Christian Academy 75
Caldwell Academy 55


Greensboro Day School Girls 59
North Raleigh Christian 34

Greensboro Day School Boys 65
North Raleigh Christian 32


GDS led in scorinng mby JT Terry with 12 points…..Reed Lucas had 9 npoints….Jalen Ross and Jake White added 8 points for the Bengals, then Quayshad Williams had 7….Montrell Goldston with 6 pts., Reggie Dillard had 5 points….Christian Hairston and Julian Sampah had 3 pts. each and Darius Moore and Juwahn Alexandre had 2 a-piece…….Lots of depth on GDS with plenty of defense to go around…..

Austin Naagy led North Raleigh Christian with 12 points…..


  1. The GDS girls won 59 to 34. They could have named their score if they had wanted. The boys and girls look much better this year with the old and new players. GDS is going to be a great place to see basketball this year.

  2. That was my first time seeing Theo Pinson in person and he was spectacular. It seemed like he didn’t try too hard on defense since Cary was so far below Wesleyan’s level, but I have never seen someone so bouncy. He is as athletic as they come, and the trio of Jaquel Richmond, Montay Brandon, and Theo Pinson was a pretty devastating one. Trey Chapman looked solid as did all the 10 or 11 rotational players. I think everybody but two people scored on a thirteen person team and the role players scoring seemed solid. The team put up 88 points with their worst five in for the entire fourth quarter. If you have a chance to see Wesleyan play then go. They put on a show. I haven’t had a chance to see either HPCA game but I here they are doing big things as well. Fortunately for us, we will get to see two Wesleyan-HPCA matchups in the upcoming months.

  3. HPCA sseemed to struggle some early, especially in the half court. That is somewhat understandable because it is early and Caldwell has good size around the rim. HPCA’s biggest strength is their depth and speed. They get faster and faster as the game goes and people eventually get tired.

    Caldwell is a good team, and the bigs have improved. The new one is really good, but Obacha and Ogbodo did an outstanding job controlling the glass. Most of Kobani’s point came late. It was up around 26 i think when left so Caldwell was able to cut into some late.

  4. Wow, Reggie Dillard five points for GDS. What are they doing over there? He goes from best player at Dudley who is on the court the whole game to playing four minute shifts at GDS. Wow, good luck with that.

  5. We were saying plenty of defense to go around and Reggie will be OK no matter where he is at…..The kid can play and with GDS running the shifts, they have five ten players that are pretty equal and they can almost run two even shifts…..Kind of like a hockey team with their shifts in some ways, I guess….

    John Terry and Reed Lucas looked real strong out there to me last night….

  6. Went back and added the 8 points for Jake White for GDS….Must have missed him in the book, but saw him in the game with #13 nailing at least two three-pointers, checking in from both corners…….

  7. Clearly “WOW” was not at the GDS game. The GDS boys could have beat North Raleigh Christain by 60 if the coach had only played his top 8-9 players. All players played nearly equal minutes. Reggie is clearly the best player on the GDS team. However there are a couple of guys on the team that are also at Reggies level of play. I would agree that Reggie should have gotten more shots on the floor just to set the standard and to get him into a shoting rhythm which will absolutely be needed when they face Christ School lately this week. Reggie clearly brings a level of guard play that GDS has not seen its championship years. If this happens again against Christ School with Reggie not being a bigger part of the game, then I could see and agree with the comments by “WOW”. Let’s hope that GDS releases the new, updated and better version of Reggie “The Real Deal” Dillard this Friday in Asheville.

  8. they are 2-0

    You only see the boy’s stuff because the boy’s coach really promotes his program

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