High School Basketball Tonight Finals for 11/30/11:Big win for Thomasville Prep girls on road at Oak Hill

Thomasville Prep girls beat Oak Hill girls at Oak Hill 45-44.

High Point Andrews 54
Northern Guilford 41

HPA(2-1)/NG(1-2)….Santia Davis and October Campbell led HPA to the win…..

High Point Andrews 62
Noothern Guilford 42


3:58 4th Q….HPA 56, NG 38……

End of 3rd Q:
High Point Andrews 47
Northern Guilford 29

High Point Andrews 28
Northern Guilford 21

1:00…HPA 25,NG 21…
2nd Q….2:00…NG 19, HPA 19….
2nd Q….3:00 HPA 16, NG 15…..
2nd Q:5:10…NG 14, HPA 13….
End of 1st Q:
NG 10
HPA 10

1st Q:2:58
NG 8

Tip-off just minutes away…..


  1. I thought both the NW boys and girls were suppose to have a good team this year. The Andrews girls team lost badly to Smith but yet they beat NW fairly easy from what I am reading here. The Andrews boys team is good but 20 pts better than NW ? Was NW missing any key players for either team?

    Interesting that Thomasville Prep has beat Oak Hill two years in a row. Oak Hill has a lot of talent from all over but obviously Thomasville has their number. Does anyone have the individual scoring for any of these games ? How did the Thomasville boys do against Oak HIll?

  2. Interesting that Andrews defeated N Guilford. Andrews lost to a below average N Davidson team and I was under the impression that Northern was to be the top of the Mid State?

  3. It was Northern that lost to Andrews not NW. The NW teams should be much better than the Northern boys and girls teams.

  4. Not sure if NG had a full squad or not? Are the footballers playing roundball yet? Downing, TJ, John? Large part of their team still focused on football championship I would think.

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