Big ‘Shout Out’ to the man who provided our doughnuts this season:Krispy Kreme’s own Brent Thomas, a former WSSU Ram WR

He is at the Krispy Kreme on Battleground Avenue these days and he used to be a wide receiver for the Winton-Salem State Rams…..

The man we are talking about is Brent Thomas and he is the Krispy Kreme GM and he used to be a key wide receiver for the Winston-Salem State Rams….His Rams are playing in the third round of the DII playoffs this Saturday at Bowman Gray Stadium, in Winston-Salem and Brent Thomas will be there supporting his Rams, as they look to keep on rolling in the DII Football Playoffs….

Brent Thomas was a wide out back in the mid-2000 era and he finished up at WSSU in 2008….His QB was Monte Purvis, who used to be at WS Parkland with the Mustangs and he also had RB Jed Bines, another former Parkland Mustang in his backfield….

Brent provided 32 dozen doughnuts for us in our Krispy Kreme Doughnuts High School Picks Contest this season and for that we say THANKS!….

Thanks again to Brent Thomas, from the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Battleground Avenue and good luck to his WSSU Rams on Saturday……

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  1. Maybe you could post the winners for the college and high school picks for the season? Nany weeks I don’t believe I saw who one. Also you are going to announce the best HS pick record person for the year? Those Lexus commericals with the bow on the cars look pretty good. If you can sweet talk a donut guy I’m sure you can bend an ear at the Lexus dealership…it would be good advertisement for them.

    Or maybe you can get Carmine to throw in a “Sixth Tool” season pass or Big Al to throw in a couple hunderded batting tokens.

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