High School Basketball from last night on 12/2/11

The thing that gets my attention the quickest would be the two finals from Western Guilford-Northwest Guilford….

The games were moved to Guilford College and that had to be an electric atmosphere up there last night…..Western wins the girls game 56-55 and then takes the boys game too, 84-83…Those had to be some wild and crazy games….Big performance for Hunter Clary from NWG with 32 points….Malik Wright from Southeast Guilford pumped in 37 points for the SEG Falcons last evening in their win over Southern Guilford…Tevin Johnson added 26 for SEG and the is some kind of combo scoring there….Southwest Guilford with Leach and Hanner lighting it up….Greensboro Day’s girls go to (6-0) and will they make a run at the Pizza Title, later on this month at the Greensboro Coliseum???

Paris Kea back for the Page girls with 12 in the win over Ragsdale and where did Burlington Christian come rolling in from???

We have some other scores to post and we have more on the plate too….Stay tuned…


  1. Shout out to Hunter Clary!! 32 points for NWG. He is one fine kid and glad to see him do so well! The Northwest / Western rivalry has dated back for decades. Didn’t get to make the game but know it was a good one with a score so close. Clary has always been quite a shooter. He is also a kid that is far underrated in my opinion.

  2. Heels79, I agree with you about Clary. He has been overlooked in the recruiting arena. Forgive me, but it seems that if you are not African American, you don’t get much attention on this site. I know this may rub some folks the wrong way but come on…you know it is true! It seems such a shame that so much attention has been focused on kids who have been imported by these big AAU teams from Sudan for the purpose of playing basketball. If you look at teams like Caldwell, weslyan, etc., their primary players are from Africa. I guarantee you that these kids were brought into the US for that reason. It is not saying these aren’t good kids….they are. I know them personally and am glad that they are being given a chance in life…BUT…it does take away some of the chances for kids in our region to shine in basketball. I don’t say this from an ignorant standpoint. I was personally involved in helping some of these boys, but for the purpose of stopping the selling and trafficking of these kids. Their families are paid small amounts of money and promised that their kids will be NBA players. Then some AAU coach or big showcase team gets the fame. This personally happened with a kid who started out at Veritas and transferred to Weslyan. He is now playing for Indiana. He was brought over by an AAU coach but was treated badly. He was essentially rescued by some associated with Veritas and then Kidnapped by the coach that brought him to US. He was in the middle of a terrible situation and innocent at the same time. He is 7′ and an excellent player. To Weslyans and Veritas credit, the coaches were trying to help him. Just food for thought. Look at Oak Ridges lineup past few years…Caldwell…weslyan…other schools. You will find many names you can’t pronounce and chances are, they were bought and sold to a local AAU team. Our kids here in Greensboro deserve a chance to shine. It is hard to compete with a 7’2″ African…I don’t care if you are Lebron James!

  3. How fast is Clary, that may be the problem and he is listed as 6.1 on Max Prep so I don’t know if he could play at the forward or guard position at the D1 Level. He might be able to play Point Guard but he would be playing that position now if he was a ball handler. The kid can shoot but will need more than that to play at the next level. So to sum it up, I don’t think he is overlooked, just evaluated correctly by D1.

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