Sunday ACC Basketball for 12/4/11


South Carolina @ Clemson
Clemson, S.C.
3:30 PM

NC State @ Stanford
Stanford, Calif.
4:00 PM

Maryland vs. Notre Dame
Washington, D.C. (BB&T)
4:45 PM

Kansas State @ Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Va.
5:30 PM


  1. We were so much into the high school games this weekend that this blew right by us….I was aware of the game and I heard that Clemson blew out VA Tech….It seems to me that the Clemson win did nothing to help the ACC….Clemson had handed VA Tech their only loss of the year earlier in the season and now they beat the Hokies again, this time they whip them again….

    VA Tech with just one loss needed to win to that game to give the ACC any hope of having an high ranking team in the final BCS Poll/Standings….I would appear that Clemson is back, but that VA Tech was AWOL from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, on Saturday night….

    We needed at least one ACC team to be up there with minimal losses and VA Tech was that team and now that they have tumbled to a team that was dead coming into the game vs. Clemson at Charlotte, where does that leave the ACC???

    Makes us look weak, real weak and maybe we are……..

    But what about the rest of those games on Saturday?

    The Oregon-UCLA game on Friday night was a joke….Oklahoma State-Oklahoma State was a blowout……LSU-Georgia was a farce…..We noted already the ACC Championship game turned out to be a disaster for the league, but kudos to the Clemson fans, I know that they are feeling good today and they deserve to, but what about the credibility of our hallowed league(The ACC)…..

    The only league championship game that showed any real championship character on Saturday night, was the Big 12 Title Game with Wisconsin and Michigan State and I believe that Russell Wilson and the Badgers did the job winning 42-39 and the crazy thing was, it was on FOX TV….I know they have the BCS Championship package, but it is still strange to see a college football game on regular FOX television….That was a very good game and one of the few that fans were able to enjoy, on Championship Saturday……

    That PAGE game was real good on Saturday and so was the Northern Guilford game on Friday night……

    Just one sports fan’s/sports man’s opinion…..

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