More High School Basketball Action from Monday night with Grimsley vs. Vandalia Christian and that has to be a first, plus[HPA boys off to (5-0) start with Coach Brian Seagraves]

Grismley 73
Vandalia Christian 45

Would love to know who was able to put this one together/pull this one off…Has to be the first time these two teams/schools have ever played in basketball and probably in any sport….Would have loved to come out of coaching retirement for just one night and been on the VCS bench to try and knock off the big-name school…Decent game at the half, with Grimsley up 26-19 and the Whirlies outscored the Vikings by 9 points in the 3rd and by 12 points in the 4th quarter to pull away….Balance for Grimsley with Rayshaun Mayfield at 14, Luke Boatwright at 12 and Reggie Banks at 11 points…Boatwright and Banks are fairly new names for Grimsley….Vandalia was led by Charles Presnell with 15 and Harley Miller’s son, Houston Miller had 9 points…..Interesting matchup and wished we would have known about it prior to the game….

High Point Andrews 83
Southeast Guilford 51

Jalen Ford with 18, plus Tyrin Miller and Jonathan Curtis with 14 points each for HPA…High Point Andrews off to an (5-0) start with first-year head coach Brian Seagraves….Must be something in the Dudley coaching pipeline…..James Abell, just like Coach Seagraves, from Dudley and he did a great job as head coach at HPA too…..For SEG, Johnson with 12 points and Flippin with 10 and is Dallas Newton playing for SEG??? Haven’t seen his name yet…..

We had the Western Guilford boys score up from last night, but they were led in scoring in their 58-49 win over Ragsdale by Jeff Mosley and Tariq Watkins with 17 a-piece and Aaron Woodard had 15….I may be wrong, but I think Mosley is #22, Watkins #11 and Woodard #15….We’ll see and the Hornets will see NEG tonight with Bryce Benjamin, Muhammad Tijani and company….

Southeast Guilford 64
High Point Andrews 50

SEG(5-0) and led by Kenya Haley with 21 points and Kara Shutt pumped in 18 for the Falcons…..

Grimsley 42
Vandalia Christian 25

Roxanne Henshall from Grimsley led all scorers with 14 points….

We had the Western Guilford girls score up here last night with the Hornets topping Ragsdale 55-38 and WG was led by Brittany Clency and her 26 points and as Hornet coach Polk told us last night, Clency is averaging 24.5 points per game so far this season…..Ally Darnell had 12 points for Ragsdale and Emma Sonricker added 10….