One of the top HS football players in the state and one of the Top Runningbacks in the Nation, Keith Marshall headed to Georgia Bulldogs


The top all-purpose back in the nation, Keith Marshall, will play his college football at Georgia he announced Tuesday.

Marshall, a senior running back at Millbrook High School in Raleigh, is considered to be one of the top running backs in the nation by all credible scouting media outlets.

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  1. T.J Logan will be talked about nationwide after the 2012 season. He already has over 2400 yards rushing and 39 TD’s. He also plays defense , receiver and special teams.

  2. Is TJ a junior or senior? If he’s a junior, he is going to have an aesome senior year!

    Good Luck to him!

  3. This is just another example of a great athelete and great kid leaving the state for the SEC or some other top program. Keith Marshall has wanted to go to UNC since he was a little boy and he even went into this summer thinking that he would commit to UNC but the firing of Butch Davis put a stop to that decision. If UNC had hired a big name program building coach earlier, then this kid would have still came to UNC. I use to run track with Keith’s dad in high school and this is what he told me back in August. Instead now we have another great athelete (and likely future pro) leaving the area and bring the SEC added fortune and fame. These are the type of kids that could put the ACC on the map and road to championships.

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