Hot fish at Friendly Road Inn back in the day/Hot building at Friendly Road Inn last night, as Bob Shaw empire burns to the ground

Great food at that stop over the years and you never had to stop eating once you got inside the Friendly Road Inn….All-you-could Eat and it was the some of the best hot fish around the entire state, in an old Fish Camp-type setting….(They even had a big lake out by the road.)

The Fish Hole, as they used to call it, had been closed now for five years and I hate I wasn’t able to grab one more meal there before they closed her down….Bob Shaw, Linda Shaw, Anne Shaw, Barbra Shaw, pass the slaw and that tea they had was to kill for…The hushpuppies were so good you wanted to take them home in pockets and I did on more than one occasion….Bring me another load of the black bottom flounder…

Many a Western Guilford and Northwest Guilford athlete worked there over the years and now it is all gone, as we lose another key landmark in the history of our city…..

A true loss and it kind of made your stomach hurt to see the sad photos on WFMY NEWS 2 last night and you can CLICK HERE today to see another photo and to read more from today’s N&R….

We will all miss those wooden booths and the family atmosphere found out on Friendly Avenue, at the ‘Friendly Road Inn’…..


  1. it was a toss up between friendly road inn and libby hills-i always liked libby hills better-still do

  2. I saw our congressman Howrd Coble over there at Friendly Road Inn eating one night….That place used to really haul in the customers….People would come fron far and near to be near that Friendly Road Inn menu…..

  3. Will always remember the geese and the pattle boats. Mainly remember the goose crap. I remember eating there years ago but as a very young person (40+ years ago). My first experience with seafood was eating at a “fish camp” and I think it was on old Main Street heading from K’ville to High Point. EVERY Friday night our grandparents and their families would load up and head to “the fish camp”. I don’t remember the name but I remember turning left off 66 South in front of the Horneytown Fire Department. Have not been that way in the LONG time but i will always remember the flounder.

  4. Was that Captain Tom’s? There used to be one of those up on Route 66 not too far from the Suzie’s Diner…..All this food talk is making me Hon-gry as Mr. Bodine used to say….About time to head over to Shane’s Rib Shack and dig in on some Okra and Beans…….

  5. Sad to see the place go up in flames. I’m really happy that it was raining and this fire didn’t spread too quickly. The WG Soccer/Baseball/Softball complex are very close by, along with some apartments. It could’ve been a lot worse. Glad no one was injured as well.

    Now…..i’m craving fish.

  6. That place brings back a lot of childhood memories. Very sad to see it go. There was hope that it may be re-opened one day. I guess not now.

  7. Is Bob Shaw still around? Somebody said he is 87 now…Hard working fisherman and politician…..

  8. We were always excited to hear my Dad say,” let’s go to Friendly Road fish house” and looked forward to eating their great hush puppies. When I was in elementary and middle school, my Dad use to take us there at least once a month. It was always packed on Friday night. I remember the strong smell of fried fish. Also the wooden booths and the silver dollars in the floor. What great memories!!!

  9. Sounds like you all should have went a little more often and maybe it would still be open. Could not have been that good or it would still be open.

  10. Not Captain Tom’s Andy. CT’s is still dong a booming business but this place has long been out of business. I googled the location and the building is still there. Just like Friendly Road…great memmories.

  11. @ sounds bad
    There was plenty of patronage. That wasn’t the issue. Bob Shaw at the last minute decided to close and not open anymore. He just didn’t want to run a restaurant anymore.

  12. I agree with 77…I think Bob just got tired at the end….77 is ’77 and Bob Shaw was 82 at the time and now 87….

  13. I worked at “The Fish Hole” in the early 80’s, ate a lot of fish, the black bass was my favorite.
    I helped Mr Shaw put out campaign signs when he was running for senate, helped move Linda from her condo when they got married, and
    met my wife of 26 years there. I was able to take both of my children there before they closed.
    A lot of young people learned valuable life skills working there.
    It was a lot of fun and good eating. I was sorry to see it closed.
    Kind surprised that something else was never built on that property.

  14. The restaurant was still doing well after all these years, Shaw said, and he added that it had always been a moneymaker. He said customers got no warning of the closure because he had none himself – he just decided on Saturday night that enough was enough and, on Sunday when customers arrived, there was a sign on the door letting them in on the news. According to Shaw, the restaurant is closed for good.

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