High Point Christian Academy(9-0) gets 80-67 win today over Body of Christ at the Upper Room in Raleigh

Played at Upper Room Academy in Raleigh:

High Point Christ Academy 80
Body of Christ 67

HPCA 22 18 20 20
BoC 20 16 15 16

HPCA (9-0)
Diante Baldwin 8 pts, 10 assists
Jackson Kent 19
Isiah Gill 14
Chuck Ogbodo 2
Michael Obacha 13 pts, 10 rebounds
Stevie Williams 9
Rick Mack 5
Joey McLean 6
Dillon Roser 4

Body of Christ
Anderson 1
Pamico 14
Dawkins 8
Davender 14
Vaughn 10
Hood 20

HPCA’s next game is Friday at home vs North Raleigh Christian.

HPCA will also play at home one week from today (12/17) against The Christ School at


  1. Does anybody know why Isaiah Hicks left BOCCA? I know this is for Greensboro Sports and that Body of Christ is in Oxford but I was just curious.

  2. They are going to be great and exciting matchups. Here are the dates of the games I am ready to see.

    12/17 Christ School @ HPCA
    12/21 GDS @ SW Guilford
    1/13 GDS @Wesleyan
    1/16 Wesleyan vs. Greenfield
    HPCA vs. Quality Education Academy
    (MLK Showcase @ Greensboro Coliseum)
    1/24 HPCA @ GDS
    1/27 Wesleyan @ HPCA
    2/3 Wesleyan @GDS
    2/10 GDS @ HPCA
    2/11 Christ School @ Wesleyan
    2/14 HPCA @Wesleyan

    All three teams are playing in tournaments over Christmas as well

    Wesleyan: highschoolot.com holiday invitational (formerly the Glaxosmithkline)
    HPCA: High Point Christmas Classic
    GDS: The Little Four

  3. Guess they finally won a “real game.” talked to a dad, said they got up by as many as 22 and subbed out with a couple minutes to got and BOC cut it down. HPCA beat a very athletic team that by looks should’ve won by 30. Sounds like a good win, at least on the surface

  4. I am not sure how good BOCCA is since they lost Isaiah Hicks, a UNC commit. I looked up their schedule and they were 2-3 going into this game including an embarrassing forty point loss. I think HPCA deserves the #1 spot in the local poll because they are undefeated. But I really want to see them go up against a team that IS better than they are, not a team that LOOKS better. I think HPCA is better than BOCCA and should have won based on records and outcomes. In my opinion their first “real game” as local put it, will be against Christ School next Saturday. GDS already played them close and that game could tell who the best local private team is.

  5. Everytime they win a game, someone discounts it. That is funny. They are destroying teams, give them some credit.

  6. Were you at the game? Did you see them play this particular game? I was there, and I was not impressed in the slightest by BOCCA. Sure they were athletic but that is just about it. They weren’t an exceptionally tall team and they couldn’t really shoot that well. They only stayed in the game because of their athleticism and honestly during the third quarter I thought it was over. I will give credit where credit is due and that credit is that HPCA is 9-0. I will not, however, judge just how good they are in the private 3A race until I see them play Christ School. I haven’t been convinced that any team they have played so far has been a team that is at the same level as they are. So none of their wins, to me, have been “big” wins. By the way they have only destroyed the teams that every other good private 3A team has destroyed so if you think they are so much better, you’re wrong.

  7. that is very interesting that you were at the game in Raleigh at noon on a Saturday. Also interesting is that I was told BOCCA shot the 3 really well and that is what kept them in the game. Also had good size with some 6’7″ posts and a good 6’5″ wing. Since you drove all the way to Raleigh to watch the game, I guess you would know better than me though, just going on word of mouth. Again, all this will be settled in the end. I give GDS credit always, I know how good they are. Not even sure if they aren’t the best team in the area. That has yet to be determined. Can’t do it by comparing scores though, or then you would hvae to compare all of the scores. Only way it is settled is on the court. I really don’t think the GDS folks appreciated being #2 in Andy’s poll that’s for sure. HPCA is a really good ball club. No top 50 or 100 guys yet, but talent in numbers and they play really hard with good size. They deserve some credit too.

  8. Don’t let facts get in the way of the argument. They only scored almost half their points from 3. They obviously couldn’t shoot yesterday.

  9. HPCA’s team doesn’t want praise or need praise from anybody. If you watch them play you can see that they have a lot of fun playing together and for their coach. They don’t get caught up in trash talk or the referees. They are a team, and that is why they are having success.

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