The Phoenix of Thomasville Prep improve to (14-0) this afternoon

Thomasville Prep 60
Northwood (SC) 42

Top Scorers
Jannina Koivunen 23 points
Sarah Beal 12 points
Moengaroa Subritzky 10 points

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  1. If Thomasville Prep was not a new program, they would be ranked in the top 15-30 in the country. If this team was still at Oak Ridge with their record (against the high level competition that they played last year), then they would be ranked by now. Providence Day is ranked 16th in the latest rankings (up from # 25 at the beginning of the season). Dudley and GDS played good games against Thomasville and it will be very interesting to see if Thomasville Prep can knock off Providence Day this year since both have already beaten Oak Hill. It is unfortunate that other teams in the area do not have the guts (or supportative coachs & adm) to play teams like Thomasville Prep (other than the Dudley and GDS type schools).

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